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The MOTHER of all news!

Dear ,

It is with pure joy and excitement that I can finally share with you, my Studio Karri L family, that I am pregnant and expecting my little one to arrive around July 26, 2013!!!!

The holiday season is usually a time of sharing and it has been so difficult for me to not share this wonderful news with you until now. I made it through my first trimester and our first Ultrasound shows a perfectly healthy and fast growing baby.

I imagine you have a million questions, among them, my plans regarding my schedule and the Studio operations as we get closer to my due date and the few months after Baby arrives; I will answer a few here and look forward to chatting about any others when I see you at your next appointments.

1. How close to my due date will I work?

I hope to work up until the last moment possible!

2. What will you do without me while I am on leave?

With your needs on my mind, I have asked Marika to stand in for me while I am on leave. Many of you have met her the previous times she has taken care of the Studio while I was away. She is excited to work with those of you whom she’s met before and to meet the many new Studio clients. For those of you who have never met Marika before – let me introduce her!


















Studio Karri L
4105 E Madison St
Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 390-4818












Marika began in her career in the beauty industry in 1999 by studying Cosmetology but quickly realized her talent for nail care and hasn’t looked back!

“I enjoy making people's day with a laugh and attention to detail; no nail challenge too big or too small! I like current nail trends but appreciate the classics. Big fan of making lists, local food, and good conversation.”



Marika will be setting her own schedule and all appointment requests should be sent directly to her. I will send another note with Marika’s contact information before my leave.

*During my Maternity leave and Marika’s time at Studio Karri L, no Gift Certificates will be honored nor new clients accepted. I am happy to extend the expiration date of Gift Certificates to match the duration of my leave


Dave and I are beside ourselves with joy, excitement, anxiety, love, anticipation, wonder and many more emotions. I am very much looking forward to sharing the next several months with all of you; hearing your advice, anecdotes, old wives tales and stories of Motherhood, Auntie-hood and life’s experiences – I’m gonna need them!

Yours, naturally,


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