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Tennessee Floods - Situation Report #1


Yesterday, our Hope Force responders worked tirelessly in Waverly, Tennesse, as they mucked out the homes of people who were still in shock after sustaining horrific losses in the aftermath of devastating floods.  While they worked, they were also offering emotional and spiritual care to each individual.  The following is a firsthand report from our Hope Force Disaster Response Coordinator, Aaron Stetson:

"I walked through the tattered remains of some houses and yards with a local news anchor who was covering the work of Hope Force.  He stated, 'I’m having a hard time even describing to others what I’m seeing.'  We walked amidst houses pushed off their foundations, ripped to pieces...contents strewn across the field.  Sections of the asphalt from the driveway had floated away from the force of the flood waters.  'I cannot get over how bad this is, he said. It looks…' As he paused, I added, '...like a tornado.'

As terrible as the destruction is, the stories we are hearing from the homeowners have humbled us in ways we never thought possible.  If you have followed the news on the flooding in Waverly, TN, you have likely heard some of the gut-wrenching stories of lives lost -- particularly that of children.   As we get to know the residents, we are hearing of their incredible losses, but also some incredible stories of hope. 

One survivor spoke through tears yesterday, 'Just as the water started to rise, I went outside to move something; before I knew what was happening, the water rose 4 feet.  I could no longer get to my wife; she was stranded.  A truck came by and she was able to get in the back, but then that got swept away.  She went under water 4 times, each time thinking to herself, ‘this is the end’.  By God’s grace, she came to a roof and was somehow able to get on it and was eventually rescued by helicopter along with three others.  I cannot believe how God saved my wife!'”

Please pray for the community, the survivors, and the people on the ground working.  Also, would you consider giving toward our efforts as we continue to serve those who have experienced such great loss? 

We are truly grateful for each and every one of you who have already given...and we could not do this work without you!

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