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Preparing for 5G in New Zealand – technical consultation

Commercial roll out of 5G, the next generation cellular mobile technology, is expected to start around the world from 2020.  5G is anticipated to increase mobile connectivity and support new services and as yet unimagined innovations.  It will be central to future economic growth, employment, education, transport and more.  It is predicted it will facilitate transformative change for New Zealanders and New Zealand business.

Radio Spectrum Management has prepared a consultation document addressing the possible 5G spectrum bands and their future allocation.  It also asks for feedback on any other barriers to the roll out of 5G in New Zealand.

Interested parties are invited to comment on the questions raised by the consultation document and other matters related 5G in New Zealand. 

Submissions are due by Monday 30 April 2018

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Operational Satellite Policy (PIB 60)

The Operational Satellite Policy rules (PIB 60) was published in March.  The document specifies processes for satellite filing requests, international frequency coordination involving satellite services and licensing requirements for satellite services in New Zealand. 

Approved radio engineers and certifiers need to read this document when certifying radio licences applicable to space services in conjunction with the relevant rules in PIB 38, PIB 39, PIB 58 and PIB 59, where applicable.

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Call for expressions of interest in FM sound broadcasting licence

An application has been received for the following FM broadcasting spectrum licence:

  • Mt Burnett 89.4 MHz, licence ID  197491.

Radio Spectrum Management is seeking expressions of interest in this commercial FM licence, closing 5pm on 30 April 2018.

Following this, a decision will be made regarding if the licence can be allocated by direct sale or by a competitive allocation process.

Read more about the expressions of interest process.

Application received for managed spectrum park licences

An application has been received for radio spectrum licences in the 2.5 GHz Managed Spectrum Park band. Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Parties interested in utilising this spectrum are able to apply for access. This triggers a notification process, allowing other interested parties to come forward. Applicants with overlapping proposals are then encouraged to develop a sharing agreement. If no agreement is reached, applicants are eliminated successively by ballot.

The Crown Spectrum Asset Manager has received an application from:

  • Enhanced Solutions Ltd for licences with coverage in parts of the Wanganui District, Rangitikei District, Palmerston North City, Tararua District, Horowhenua District and   Manuwatu District TLA areas

Read more about this application for managed spectrum park licences in Notice 57.