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Pointe-des-Monts Lighthouse
Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
Hello from the Maritime Regions of Québec!

Summer is finally here! We want to take this opportunity to share some news about our regions and make you dream...


Our team is ready for a gradual and cautious reopening, in compliance with the standards developed for the gradual deconfinement of Québec, and more specifically of our regions. No one can predict the changes to come in the tourism industry, and we are aware that this global crisis will have an impact in the short, medium and long term. Thus, the resumption of activities will vary, depending on the reality of each of our establishments and attractions. One thing is certain: we look forward to working with you to promote our regions!

5 Things You May Not Know about…
Our cultural mosaic

The cultural mosaic of our regions was first shaped by the presence of First Nations communities and the arrival of Jacques Cartier in 1534. Later came the French, English, Scots, Irish and Acadians, who settled here to fish and cultivate the land. Our heritage includes a mix of different architectural styles, some traditional dishes that have been reinvented, as well as place names such as “Chic-Chocs,” which means “impenetrable barrier” in the Mi’gmaq language.
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Our St. Lawrence, one of the largest rivers in the world

The St. Lawrence is more than just a river. With its salt water and its tides, it is a major waterway in North America that has contributed to a unique maritime heritage. In addition to the many islands found in its estuary and gulf off the coasts of our regions, the St. Lawrence is home to unique flora and fauna and is tied to a fascinating history.
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Our Lighthouse Trail

Our regions are home to over 40 sentinels of the sea located along the Lighthouse Trail, a route that is also dotted with colourful houses and old fishing buildings, proud witnesses to our connection with the St. Lawrence. Note that the tallest lighthouse in Canada (which is 34 metres or 112 feet high) is located in Cap-des-Rosiers, in Gaspésie.
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Our giants of the seas

Up to 13 species of cetaceans can be observed in the St. Lawrence, including humpbacks and blue whales, the largest animals on Earth. Visitors can enjoy this experience aboard a boat or directly from the shore.
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Our feathered friends

Home to many bird sanctuaries, our regions offer the opportunity to observe many iconic birds, including Atlantic puffins in the Mingan Archipelago, bald eagles in Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, northern gannets in Parc national de l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé and piping plovers on the beaches of the Îles de la Madeleine.
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Photo: Suzie Loiselle
Watching Colourful Sunsets over the St. Lawrence

There are so many reasons to enjoy the present moment! I will never get tired of watching sunsets—those nightly shows put on by Mother Nature. Whether on an island or along the shores of the St. Lawrence, they are a timeless experience!

Route in Gaspésie
Photo: Suzie Loiselle
Road Tripping in the Maritime Regions of Québec

I love that feeling of freedom I experience when I set off on a road trip! However, my trips always take longer than expected, because I stop so often to take photos of our picture-perfect landscapes, including the panoramic views of the sea and mountains!

Atlantic Puffins
Photo: Suzie Loiselle
Observing Birds in Our Regions

My heart beats with every wing flap and my ears joyfully welcome the sounds of the seabirds! Our regions are the perfect place to watch birds returning to their nests against a backdrop of an endless mix of blue and green, high cliffs and salty air.

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
Delighting My Taste Buds

After a gorgeous and fun day of outdoor activities, I am always in the mood for a tasty beer from one of our many microbreweries along with fresh seafood in the company of good friends.

Témiscouata Lake
Photo: Étienne Fiola
Canoeing in Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

The Touladi lakes in Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata are among my favourite places to go canoeing. Although you might think the best time to visit these lakes is in the summer or fall, my favourite season to explore them is spring, just after the ice melts. At this time of year, the lakes flood the surrounding forests and you can canoe between the trees like in a mangrove.

Étienne and a moose
Photo: Étienne Fiola
Hiking in the Mountains with Moose

I have always been fascinated by moose. With a density of over three moose per square kilometre, the forests on the mountains in Parc national de la Gaspésie and the Réserve faunique de Matane are great places to see these animals. One day, while on a familiarization tour, we observed six different moose during a two-hour hike—a dream come true for me!

Camping in Les Bergeronnes
Photo: Marc Loiselle/Tourisme Côte-Nord - Manicouagan
Camping with the Whales

I never imagined that I would one day be woken up by the sounds of porpoises and minke whales! But this is exactly what happened to me while camping in Les Bergeronnes. In this area, the whales take advantage of the deep waters to get very close to the shore to catch their prey. This is also a great place to learn to sea kayak.

Entry Island
Photo: Étienne Fiola
Hiking on Entry Island

The Îles de la Madeleine offer exceptional scenery. Entry Island, in particular, features striking landscapes reminiscent of the Scottish isles. I recommend climbing Big Hill, the highest point in the archipelago, and going for a walk in the pastures where islanders let their cattle graze freely.

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