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The Tailor has a life....

I have worked for over 10 years with a delightful tailor called Mr Latif. He was sent to Dubai as a 14 year old boy to be trained as a Master Tailor in women's clothing.


I found him tucked away, mending surgical garments, in the Sunlight Laundry around the corner from my house. I asked him to make me a shirt so I could test his skills.... I have never looked back. He is kind, calm, peaceful, committed and deeply loyal. 


His speciality is taking my standard patterns and adjusting them to any bust size, hip size, length, width, collar shape, cuff style. 


I have colour charts here that are so divine, silks so beautiful, sample clothing to fit most shapes and sizes and am ever so open minded about how to change my patterns and shapes. 


He gets a holiday each year and goes home to Bangladesh. This year he is away from July 25th until the end of August. 


Sadly, he is camera shy..... 


But this is a recent short Atam Sukh in orange silk over a Fuscia Pink Swing Dress in Dupion silk.... very, very lovely. Just to give you more mind-expanding thoughts about clothing you may long for... Versions of this outfit, and the Caro Ballgown below were originally made for a woman of 5'3" with a 46" bosom and she looks fabulous in all of it. 


So my point is this: If you are wanting, desiring, needing, longing for, craving or gagging for a beautiful piece of clothing from Devotion that comes in silk, taffetta, duppion or needs to be customised in any way, do feel free to get in touch as soon as possible...... info@devotion.co.uk

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The Caro Dress as a Ballgown

Continuing my theme of waxing lyrical about the tailor, I mentioned in the last newsletter that I had made a ballgown for a client using the Caro Dress as the model. 

Here it is with an extra long petticoat, ties inside to hold it close to the bust under the waist and a deep vent inserted at the back to allow for swirling dancing and generally swishing, silkily through the event. 


If you have a deep need for a dress like this one before the winter season proper please do email me. 


This dress will go into the Winter Swagger and Dash Collection and I write to ask if there are requests, needs or ideas for garments needed by elegant, stylish women of a certain age whose desires are not being met by my collection thus far


Do email me with your thoughts. 



Workshops and Trainings

I have a workshop this weekend at Alchemy in Camden

Saturday July 7th Mastering the Addictive Personality. 


I love teaching these workshops. Recovering addicts are extraordinary people so the day is guaranteed to be filled with interesting others to meet, hear, support and be supported by.


The yoga and meditation practices are life-changing and the  tools for life enhancing transformation are fantastic. 


Come and join us! No previous Yoga Experience needed, just a checkered history and an open mind. 


Click here to book the workshop. 



From September 7th I have new class schedules at Alchemy. 4.30pm to 6pm will be Core Abs and Deep Mediation. 


The Addictive Personality class moves to 7.30pm-9pm on the Friday nights, starting Sepotember 7th. My last class at Alchemy before the summer break is July 17th. 



Great News: 

The Mothers Journey Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training is set to start at Alchemy in January 2012.


Set over 5 weekends, each one a module in it's own right, accumulate all 5 modules and you can qualify as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. The KYTA certification allows you to get insurance so you can change your life and the life of many, many women. 

Open to all, including midwives, pregnant women and doulas, no previous training is required for the participation.


You will need to have a good grasp of Kundalini yoga as a practitioner... 6 classes minimum.


To register your interest email me here



Alchemy have endless, wonderful workshops, events, teachers, great cafe..... a good newsletter, too. Their website is here



A pox on the weather.... A recipe to cheer you up....

Frisee Salad with Avocado and Parmesan Shavings

Sugar Free and Wheat free


I think that this is my favourite combination in a salad; I use
a frisee lettuce which has a particular, somewhat bitter taste, combined with the sweetness of the tomatoes. It is worth getting the best tomatoes you can find. Usually if they are on the branch or organic, they tend to have a richer taste. Summer is the best time for eating this salad.


Preparation and cooking time: 10 minutes Serves: 4
1 medium frisee lettuce
2 tomatoes, sliced or if small, quartered (if larger, remove the woody stem) 1 avocado, peeled and sliced
3 tbsp olive oil
1 lemon, juiced
Basil leaves torn (optional)
Black pepper


Place the leaves, tomatoes and avocado in a bowl. Mix all the other ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl and add when you are about to serve the salad. If you put a squashed clove of garlic in the bottom of the sauce bowl it will give a kick to the dressing. The other trick is to rub the inside of the salad bowl with the garlic clove.


If you liked this recipe take a look at my Sacred Chef DVDs


Uranus square Pluto - 24 June & 19 September 2012


When Uranus and Pluto were together in the late sixties the combination of energies kick started the civil rights movement and social upheaval which brought eventual positive change.

Now, 40+ years later, this slow moving pair have moved on to form a square aspect. This is a conflicting angle in astro-geomoetry where the two energies clash and tensions rise to the surface.
Pluto represents building on strong foundations but is also responsible for the necessary destruction of that which has served its purpose or become corrupt.

Uranus represents sudden change, revolution and breaking down old systems to build new more egalitarian ones fit for the future of all.

We have seen the tensions building in the last few years with riots and revolts across the globe.

On June 24 and September 19, 2012 this aspect becomes exact and could be the tipping point socio-political activities set to bring sudden and lasting change. Things could be volatile for a while as this aspect builds like a volcano about to erupt and dissipates slowly too. This is a big part of the astrology of the whole of 2012.


Zoe does great personal readings. Her webisite link is here

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