Integral Mission Conversations

One of the exciting attributes of being a part of Micah Network is that we are a global network, currently with members in 85 countries around the world. The richness of shared perspectives through different cultural and contextual settings greatly enhances our understanding and application of integral mission. We had 59 countries represented at our last global consultation and looking out over the hall I could not help but feel the smile of God as a glimpse of the throne room where every tribe, tongue and nation will be gathered before him, came to mind. It is a powerful witness to see the unity in our diversity, all passionate about God’s mission being lived out in all our communities.

As important and inspiring as the global consultations are in the life of Micah Network, the reality is that many of us are not in a position to attend these triennial events. Even the regional consultations which we facilitate to have in-depth discussions and learning of specific contextual issues of concern are still hard to access for many.

Therefore, the pulse of Micah Network is the national integral mission conversations which ensure all in country are able to link up, enjoy and contribute to the on-going conversation.

About Integral Mission Conversations
A conversation is an informal gathering of Christians from organisations (aid agencies, mission organisations, local congregations, colleges, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats, business as mission and individuals) who meet to exchange thoughts, opinions, feelings, testimonies and teaching around a specific topic / theme. It creates the opportunity to discuss developments and thinking and explore together the theological perspectives, the good practice and the learning so as to challenge and support one another in our desire to be relevant and fruitful. It is out of these meetings that regional and global activities are prompted.

As a global network, no meeting (either at national, regional or global level) is restricted to members, though the national meetings will tend to focus on national issues of concern and regional on regional issues of concern. All meetings should draw on the vast expertise and experiences of the global network, this will include inviting speakers from around the world who could contribute to the chosen topic.

Specific thematic focus
Every few years Micah Network will highlight a number global thematic issues which we will encourage all meetings to address and consider. We will be introducing these in special bulletins over the coming months.

Who is responsible to facilitate national conversations?
The Micah Network secretariat is there to provide support service to our members. It is the members in each country that are the essential key to ensure national conversations occur at least once per year. If you have as yet not had a national integral mission conversation and would like to see one in your country the following steps should be taken:

1. Log on to the Micah Network web site and select “The Network” tab. Choose your country from the drop down members tab and press filter. A list of all the members in your country will appear. (Note: you need to be logged on in order to have access to the database and forum discussions).

2. Contact one another and discuss which member will be best place to act as focal point for the first conversation. Ideally, best to set up a conversation team / committee.

3. Research possible dates when a conversation could be held (ideally over 2 - 3 days, though 1 day conversations are also an option. Normally the first one is best to have more time together). The research will usually involve finding out what other meetings are being held within the Christian community in your country so as to avoid potential clashes.

4. Contact Micah Network secretariat to outline plans and explore together what support is needed. An Integral Mission Conversation outline explanation document is available on request.

5. Start preparations and enjoy the conversation! Remember to feedback to the secretariat.

It is our hope that we will see many conversations happening around the world which we will seek to collate learning from and share with all. Invite one another to join in. This is your network and the more you draw on it and contribute to it, the more we will all benefit.

Grass root impact
We believe that the impact of this will be that many more Christian initiatives and local churches will catch the vision and put into practice all that we are passionate about in integral mission.

Working together
Sheryl Haw
International Director

Up and Coming Events

Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for members to send in information about important events they are aware about and would recommend to the network. We invite members to keep sending in new information so that we can develop and database of all these meetings as ensure timely information is provided throughout the network. Send information to: Please note: check on our web site for events facilitated by Micah Network, as registration can be done online. For events facilitated by members or by organisations of interest, registration will need to be done directly with them.

The June Newsletter was full of up and coming events:

29th July to 2nd August: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire: Francophone Consultation – Micah Network

8th to 9th August: Yangon, Myanmar: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

21st to 25th August: Hungary – Balaton-Net Conference: Keswick Ministries

16th to 20th September: Philippines: Solidarity in Disaster Management Consultation (See below)

25th to 28th September: Ghana 2013 Conference: Ghana Evangelical Missions

16th to 19th October: Bangladesh: Integral Mission Conversation – postponed March 2014

21st to 23rd October: Nepal: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

24th to 25th October: Cambodia: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

28th October: Grand Rapids, USA: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

29th to 31st October: Grand Rapids, USA: Developing Excellence Forum – ACCORD

4th to 8th November: Mumbai, India: Call2Compassion and Justice Conference

6th November: Mumbai, India: embedded into Call2Compassion Conference: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

11th to 13th November: Lahore, Pakistan: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

25th to 29th November: Livingston, Zambia: Gender based Violence and Trafficking Consultation – Micah Network and EFZ

Argentina: Latin American Conference

Theme: 4th Congresss Against the Trafficking of People

Dates: 5th to 6th September 2013

Locations: Sociedad Rural de Villa Maria, Ruta 9, salida a Córdoba, Argentina

Facilitators: Nacional del Interior and del Mercosur

For more information and to register write to:

Manila, The Philippines: Asia Consultation

Theme: Solidarity in Disaster Management: a whole community response to risk, crisis and disaster management

Dates: 16th to 20th September 2013

Location: The Legend Villas-Mandaluyong Hotel, Manila

Facilitators: PCEC / Philrads (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) in cooperation with: Micah Network, Wheaton HDI, WEA

More information: Flyer and programme: download here
For further information please write to: Elsie Villanueva

Registration: down load registration form here or sign up here.

School of Missional Leadership

Location: Piet Retief, South Africa

Dates: There will be two schools:
1) 7th to 30th September 2013
2) 5th to 28th October 2013

Facilitators: CPR Institute Africa

For more information and to access registration process see here.
Alternatively write to:

2014 Calendar

Dates for your diaries are already being set for next year – this gives you an opportunity to save for and plan your attendance.

Please let us know of important events for 2014 that you aware of.

Stuttgart, Germany: CCD Conference

Theme: Community Transformation: hopes and challenges

Dates: 19th to 23rd May 2014

Location: Christian Conference Centre Schönblick, near Stuttgart

Facilitators: CCD Network, AEM in cooperation with Micah Network

For more information:CCDC Web site

The Justice Conference – Asia

Dates: 22nd to 24th May 2014

Facilitators: The Justice Conference Asia

For more information see here.

EXPOSED: Shining a Light on Corruption

Have you read through the information on this important campaign Micah Challenge is engaged in? We encourage all Micah network members to sign the call to action and participate in a vigil between the 14th and 20th October 2013. See here for more information

Food and Our Role

Mario Molinari is a food writer and tutor, and he invites participation in the setting up of community gardens (in the UK and elsewhere) and of a virtual University of Food. It is thanks to food that we can create communities, shape the economy and foster learning. Food is the source of all knowledge, of culture and traditions, of trade, ecology and science. In more general terms, every country, region and locality needs farming, construction, engineering and manufacturing. In that order. This food project would be matched by an attendant education.

For more information see here

Reflection / Resources

Each month we would like to highlight some teaching material, books and other resources that will enrich our on-going understanding and practice of integral mission. If you have material that you can share please send to

Credits and Loans for Small Businesses
Pillars guide is to gain an understanding of a variety of ways of obtaining either credit or loans. To establish good practice in record keeping and planning. To study the issues involved before establishing either informal savings or credit groups or obtaining loans from outside organisations. Download here.

Shane Claiborne: Practicing Discipleship: download / watch message here

Book: The Word’s Out: Speaking the Gospel Today, by David Male and Paul Weston (ISBN-10: 0857461699): This book seeks to reform, reimagine and renew a theology, vision and practice for evangelism in the framework of integral mission.

Membership Contributions

Still to send in your 2013 membership contributions? May we encourage you to do so now. You can go to www.micahnetwork/contribute to learn more and fund out how to do this or contact us at

Thanks for sharing this journey. Contributions make it possible for us to help you facilitate conversations and consultations around the world.