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22 January - Promote and Maintain Motivation

The workshop brings together various theories on motivating the seemingly unmotivated and provides a brief background and role play on “Motivational Interviewing”. This workshop focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence and centres on the motivational processes within the individual that facilitate change. This differs from more coercive or externally driven methods for motivating change as it relies solely on the individual’s own values and concerns in order to move forwards toward a goal.

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6 February - Professional Boundaries for Support Workers

This workshop is an open discussion on the professional boundaries between the support worker and the individuals they work for, and determining the necessary steps to prevent boundary violations. This is a topic that asks the participants to define what a good working relationship is, and how it differs from being a friend of the people they work with.

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15 February - Community Inclusion Workshop

This workshop relies on drawing parallels.  You will think about a good life in the context of community, drawing from your uniquely human experience to consider the way connections with others are made and enhanced. This same thinking will then be analysed based on what we know about the people we support. This workshop will encourage you to think about your version of a fulfilling life, and relate that to what others may see as a rich life for themselves. The entire premise of this workshop is about exploring the richness of life and the ways we can support others to share in that richness.

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20 February - Local Government Authority Inclusion Workshop Series

Inclusion WA presents a series of workshops that aim to bring together people working in Local Government in WA.  Four half day workshops will be facilitated during 2013 which will incorporate stimulating discussions about enabling inclusion in community through your role within local government. These workshops aim to stimulate your creative juices to help you act with purpose and clarity in supporting inclusion for marginalised individuals and the broader community.

Along with expert knowledge of community development strategy, this workshop will draw from the knowledge and expertise of participants, enabling all involved to share in rich and diverse conversations, stories and learning.

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8 & 9 April or 11 & 12 April - John Armstrong Two Day Workshop - Towards a Better Life

Inclusion WA, together with Identity WA, are excited to present this critical professional development event.

Towards a Better Life provides an introduction to Social Role Valorisation (SRV). It is designed to create a deeper
awareness of the circumstances of people who are devalued by society, perhaps as a result of physical or intellectual disability, mental illness, ageing, poverty and/or homelessness.

Come and join us in the challenge - let's work to change our thoughts and beliefs to allow movement in a new direction.

This 2 day workshop is designed to assist participants to:

  • Understand social devaluation and its consequences for people who are marginalised;
  • Learn about SRV as a means of addressing those experiences of devaluation;
  • Gain clarity of personal values in regard to issues of devaluation and one's personal service to people who are devalued; and
  • Strengthen, support and confirm one's commitment and purpose to individuals who are wounded by devaluation.

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