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Newsletter 16 - October 23, 2020

From The Principal

We are thrilled to launch our new 2020-2023 Business Plan; Connecting Minds and Hearts.
Connection, Collaboration and Community are integral to who we are and what we are about.

Our school is proudly 123 years old and our plan demonstrates this connection by linking with our School Creed; A school is not a building but a gathering of minds and hearts and a place of friendly guidance and help.

Our students are valued, supported and empowered to succeed with an emphasis on purposeful use of digital technology and STEAM, student voice and strengthening resilience through positive thinking, growth mindset and mindfulness.
All families will have received a print copy of the plan last week.
To read our plan online visit
To read the Pathway to Success Timeline visit

All parents are welcome and encouraged to join in this conversation so that we can ensure we embrace cultural inclusion at our great school. Wednesday 18 November 7.00-8.00am Upper Hall.

From The Board Chair

Our school Board met earlier this week to finalise our preparations for the School Review held on Thursday where we discussed our role in the governance of the school. In line with our role of making sure school priorities reflect the needs of the students we reviewed assessment data such as the On-Entry (beginning of the year testing for pre- primary students), National Quality Standards (NQS) and Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) for Maths. Due to COVID there was no NAPLAN testing this year for Years 3 and 5 but that is usually part of our analysis.

Following my discussion and feedback from the Class Liaison Parents (CLPs) last term we have created a visual of the Governance Tree to show how the Board, P&C and school staff work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children. The Governance Tree is relevant for all school communities and we made one specific for our school so it is clear to our existing and new families about the various roles and responsibilities of each group. Please Click HERE to find out more.

We also discussed the Term 4 Cultural Café where we are seeking input from families about how we can best acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school community, a date will be advertised shortly for this evening event. A standing item on our agenda is the Principal updates to ensure we are well informed in areas such as Open night, Compass and School Development days. We enjoy robust discussions and our meetings are always carefully planned to address the school priorities. Every family has now received a copy of the 2020-2022 Business Plan, we hope you enjoy reading about the next exciting phase in our school’s journey.

Subiaco Primary School Board Nominations

We are calling for nominations for our Subiaco Primary School Board. There is one parent representative position available as Angela Snowball has completed her three year term. Nominations close at 9.00am, Monday 9 November.

Click HERE for information on the responsibilities of a School Board and an explanation of the process for nomination. If you would like more information about what is involved please contact Carolyn Press on or Zoe Schaffert, School Board Chair, at

Planning For 2021

Thank you to parents who have replied via Compass that their child/ren will not be attending Subiaco Primary School in 2021. If your child will be leaving the school please respond through the Compass online form or alternatively email your child’s destination school to It is important we have accurate numbers when planning classes for 2021.

Placement Of Individual Children In Classes For 2021

As the end of the school year approaches we will be planning our class structure based on our knowledge of current and prospective enrolments. Once class lists are published they are considered final. It would only be in extreme rare circumstances that an individual child’s placement would be changed. Any correspondence regarding 2021 requests for student placement needs to be submitted to Carolyn Press by Friday 13 November. Please write in the context of the policy and understand that while requests relating to academic or special needs are considered, due to a range of factors they cannot always be met. Click HERE to view the School's Class Placement Policy.

Chapathon and Year 6 Food Stall

Our annual CHAPATHON will be held next week in the Theatre Gardens on Thursday 29 October from 10.00am -10:40am. All parents and caregivers are invited to come along and join in the fun event. The students will be walking to raise money to help support the school chaplaincy program. Forms were sent out through Compass in Week 1 and reminders went out today. Please ensure you have completed the online permission form so your child can participate.

To help refuel the weary bodies of the students after their CHAPATHON next week, the Year 6 students will be holding a Food Stall at recess on Thursday 29 October. They will be selling a wide range of healthy food options. Watermelon and iced fruit sticks will  be on sale. Please remind your children to bring some loose change in a zip seal plastic bag or wallet.
The graduating Year 6 students are raising money to buy a gift for the school which will presented to Mrs Press at their graduation ceremony on Tuesday 15 December at the Arts Centre.

Honour Awards

Adan Zoranjic Ava Mortimer Leo Hutchings Travis Wong
Zayd Mohammed   Conrad Hosken Misha Belov Sebastian Elder
Dominic Lo Laith Dawkins Yihuai Chen Iris Lowe
Shiho Hoshino Addison Hill Aadhya Sharma   Lila-Rose Henley
Deeksha Sririjan Stephanie El-Hoss    


Undercover Area

Coming to our school over this summer holiday break will be a new, beaut undercover area which will be double the size of our existing undercover area, providing double the shade and shelter. More information to follow over the coming weeks!

End Of Year Dance Concert – Save The Date

Our annual dance program commenced Week 1. All PP-Year 6 students are involved in the Edu-Dance Dance program this year. Session days and weeks will vary slightly between groups but all 8 sessions and the Dance Concert will be held between weeks 1-10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • The Monday RED GROUP concert will be held Week 9 on Monday December 14
  • The Friday GREEN GROUP concert will be held Week 9 on Friday December 11
  • The Wednesday BLUE GROUP concert will be held Week 10 on Wednesday December 16.

Curriculum Letters

Every term a year level Curriculum letter is sent out via compass. These letters explain curriculum coverage, provide information about incursions and important upcoming dates. All teachers collaboratively plan with their year level colleagues teaching the same content from the WA Curriculum. To read what your child will be learning in their class this term click HERE, then on your child’s year level.

Protective Behaviours

Every year, all teachers across Kindy to Year 6 teaches Protective Behaviours.  For more information about this program click HERE.

2021 Faction Swimming Carnival

It is with great excitement that I announce that next year the school will be holding our Year 4-6 Faction Swimming Carnival and Interschool Trials at Claremont pool. This is a momentous occasion as it will be the first time we have held our faction swimming carnival offsite. Moving this event allows us to combine 2 of our existing swimming carnivals and also utilise a 50m pool to reflect how the students will be competing at the Interschool. This is a positive move and is a reflection of the increasing participation of our students in swimming. We are all looking forward to a full day of fun and competition.
We will still be holding our Year 1 Splash Fun Carnival and Year 2/3 Junior Fun Carnival in our school pool. These events will also coincide with our every popular Food Stall.

Thank You Subiaco Children's Centre

A BIG thank you to the SCC who share the Pre- primary school grounds and play area before and after school. The SCC have kindly helped out with the painting of the play equipment, and the planting and mulching in and around the surrounding gardens.

For Your Diary

Year 6 Graduation 2020
Year 6 parents save the date for this year’s graduation on Tuesday 15 December, 9.00 – 10.45am at the Subiaco Arts Centre, 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco. The graduation will be followed by a morning tea at Subiaco Primary School in the Art Room Courtyard.

Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs
For Year 5 students who will enter Year 7 in 2022 applications for Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance programs are now open.These unique academic, arts and languages programs are available at select public secondary schools. They include a fully selective academic school and an arts college.
You can apply online at
Information about the programs, where they are offered and upcoming parent information sessions are also on the website. For more information, you can contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit on 9264 4307 or at

Please note: applications close Monday, 8 February 2021. Late applications are not accepted.

Assemblies are held in the Subi Church directly opposite the school. The assemblies commence at approximately 8.55am and conclude at 9.25am. We have reduced the audience numbers significantly by alternating the participation of the Year 1-2 and the Year 3-6 assembly days. Please remember this is a community church, and to refrain from bringing food and drinks into the auditorium.

We welcome parents taking photos and videos at the assembly but please do not put it on social media as some children do not have media consent.

Term 4    
Week 4 5 November Year 3 L1 & L2 (Senior Yrs 3-6 attend)
Week 6 19 November Year 2 L9 (Junior Yrs 1-2 attend)
Week 8 3 December Year 4 U5 (Senior Yrs 3-6 attend)

Please note Junior Honour Awards will be presented only during Junior assembly days and Senior Honour Awards will be presented only during Senior assembly days.

This Month On SchoolTV - Raising Boys

Parents will attest to the fact that many boys are active, loud, rambunctious and prone to rough play, but this should not affect how a parent acts towards their son. Be careful not to pigeon-hole your son into sex specific behaviours or gender roles. The male brain is distinctly differently in its development. A boy’s physical maturity is often at odds with his mental and brain development.

Societal beliefs about how to raise boys can sometimes influence their adult carers. Although we are not determined by our biology, it is a factor. It is important to support boys in their natural tendencies and nurture their strengths and abilities.One of the most important determinants for a boy’s development is how secure they feel growing up.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will gain a better understanding into some of the more complex issues relating to raising boys. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to this month's edition

SRC – Toilet Door Decals

The members of the Student Representative Council decided to place some encouraging quotes on the toilet doors in the girls and boys bathrooms.

They came up with a range of quotes, which we then put to all students to choose their 8 favourites. The final 8 were then made into vinyl stickers which were applied to the doors this week! Take a look at the photos.

Assessment of Year 4 Students for PEAC Program

All students in Year 4 will have the opportunity to be assessed for suitability for the PEAC Program. The Year 4 testing will take place at the school this coming Tuesday 27 October.

Butterflies and Bullfrogs Program

Over 20 families with children in Years 1-3 took up the invitation for their child to participate in the Butterflies and Bullfrogs Program, funded by the City of Subiaco and facilitated by Masters Psychology & Co. The sessions commence this week before school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Assembly Days
If you are running late on an assembly day, and your child’s class has already left for the assembly, please ensure you instruct your child to go directly to the front office.  Jean, our crossing guard, is at the crosswalk until about 9.15am and will ensure children are safely taken across the road after the siren has sounded.

Smart Watches at School
Students are not required to have a phone or smartwatch in school. If a parents needs to contact his/her child during the school day, this contact will be made through the front office.

Students who choose to bring their phones into school and/or wear a smartwatch must acknowledge that the school will accept no responsibility for loss/theft or damage to the phone/smartwatch. Smartwatches worn to school must be turned off.

Supervision of Students on School Grounds After Hours
We strongly remind parents that students should not be on the school grounds out of school hours, unless accompanied by an adult. School staff cannot be held responsible for the safety of the students outside school hours.

Unwell Students
In line with WA Government advice that Students and staff who are unwell should stay at home, we are asking all parents to keep their children at home if they show signs of cold or flu-like symptoms. If students become unwell during the school day we will contact parents to collect their child. Students and staff should not return to school until they are completely well or have clearance from a medical practitioner.

Health Conditions & Allergies
It is the parent’s responsibility to periodically check medications at school (eg. Epipens, Ventolin inhalers etc) to ensure they are within their use by date.

Upon enrolment, if a child has a health condition or allergy (eg. diabetes, seizures, asthma, anaphylaxis etc) parents fill out a Student Health Care Summary form and an action plan is written. At the start of each year, the action plan is updated. Please contact the front office if you are unsure whether your child has a current action plan in place and if they require one.

Carpark Safety
For the safety of all children please do not pull into the school driveway and reverse out. There could be children walking behind your car. During school hours the car park is not a drop off or pick up area.

Updating School Records
If your address, telephone number or email address has changed, please contact the school office.

Publications Permission
Upon enrolment, parents decide whether to give consent for their child’s name, photo or work to be published in school newsletters, school related activities, promotional material for the Department of Education and articles for the West Australian and community newspapers. This consent continues for your child while enrolled at our school. If at any stage you want to change the permission status then you will need to notify the office in writing of this request.

Our school uses Compass School Manager to further enhance communication between home and school. If you are experiencing problems logging on to Compass please email

P&C News

Book Fair 9-14 November - the theme of our Scholastic Book Fair is Arctic Adventure, where we hope you will find snow much to read!

Monday 9 - Saturday 14 November
Mon-Fri 8.00-8.45am and 3.00-3.45pm
Sat 8.00am-12.00pm

It’s a fun reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. Please make plans to visit our Book Fair and be involved in shaping your child’s reading habits.

Quiz Night 14 November - at Bob Hawke CollegeThank you to everyone who has donated items for the silent auction so far. We are still looking for items so please get in touch with Narissa if you are able to help (

Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories 
Barking Gecko Theatre have a delightful performance for children and adults of Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories on Friday 20 November at Octagon Theatre, UWA. There will also be an opportunity to meet Bambert (who is a puppet) and have your photo taken with him after the show.

Tickets are $30 each and Barking Gecko Theatre have generously offered to give a large portion of ticket sales to the P&C. There will only be 160 tickets available for the school. To purchase tickets please go to and use the promo code SUBIPRIMARY.

Movie Night 21 November – bring your picnic blankets and pillows along for some family fun on the school oval as we watch The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Tea towels - The Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 6 students have been busy doing self-portraits for year group tea towels which will be on sale online or in person through the Uniform Shop. The Kindy ones are now available for $15. Please keep these in mind as a great gift idea for Christmas presents. Click HERE to purchase.

Greeting Cards - The Kindy and Pre-primary children have each done a beautiful artwork of their family which have been turned into greeting cards that are now available to purchase. They would be lovely to send to family and friends for the upcoming holidays. The cards are available in packets of 8 for $15 per pack and all funds raised go to the P&C. 

Please note that the closing date for orders is Friday, 20 November to ensure delivery before the end of term 4.

To view your child’s artwork and to order please click HERE and select the class your child is in to view all the artwork

VacSwim Swimming Lessons

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the December/January school holidays.

January offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations during the long break.

Your children can start as young as five years old.

Enrol your children in VacSwim now at

Community News

Click HERE for Community News and School Holiday activities. This document includes information on activities available around our community for children and families.


Containers for Change
The school is now collecting eligible drink containers for the Containers for Change program. Click on the image to the left to see which items are eligible. Please bring items to the school library recycling hub and staff will collect them from you.

Alternatively you can drop items off at one of the return points and use our Scheme ID C10283559 (the account may come up in the name of Joanne Dumaresq) to have the refund directly deposited to the school's bank account.

For more information please visit  where you can check on what items can be returned as well as where drop off points are and how the scheme works.

Subi Farmers Market

8am-noon every Saturday
Subi Farmers Market have moved back to Subiaco Primary School!

Click HERE for their latest newsletter, HERE for their website and HERE for the Market's Facebook page.

Contact Details

271 Bagot Rd, Subiaco WA 6008.
Phone: 08 9207 7900