Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 83. January 2017.

Community concern about awareness ads

The Board dismissed complaints against a number of community awareness ads relating to objectification, gender discrimination, graphic images, sexual references, and health and safety concerns.

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Loaf of bullying

The Board considered that ads showing a loaf of bread insulting a man’s sunburn, exaggerated playful behaviour between friends, and CGI animals administering a lie-detector test were not scenarios that depicted bullying.

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Distinguishable advertising

Ad Standards is ready for the addition of Section 2.7 (Distinguishable advertising) to AANA Code of Ethics – everyone else has until 1 March to prepare.

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Need more info?

Ad Standards runs information sessions for advertisers and industry providing information and guidance on the self-regulation system and the advertising Codes. If your organisation is interested, contact

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New Board member

The ASB welcomes Catherine Poutasi. She joins a group of dedicated people on the Advertising Standards Board.

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