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Summer arrives at Annan Gallery

We would love to see you at the Preview on Friday 14th June 6-8pm.

Ron Lawson, Blackfelter Cottage, Tiree. gouache & ink on paper. 100x45 cm. £995

Jan Nelson. A Rough Night on Bow Work. acrylic on canvas. 80x40 cm. £995

Rosanne Barr, Westerly Bay.

Rosanne Barr, Westerly Bay. oil on canvas, 60x60 cm. £1,200

Carolyn Rockwood, Tweed Shed, Late Summer, Harris.

Carolyn Rockwood, Tweed Shed, Late Summer, Harris. mixed media. 45x30 cm. £695

Show Artists Profiled

Four artists line up to grab your attention in our Summer Show, their passions evident in their artwork, at a busy time of year - what with all those gallery openings and degree shows a plenty to distract you

New to Annan Gallery and proving wildly successful is series of dramatic, elongated studies of Hebridean crofts by Ron Lawson.  A graphic illustrator to training, he takes an architectural approach to displaying these traditional buildings in their remote settings.  Crisp and very contemporary.  He maintains that cycle touring in the Western Isles (his passion) is the definitive speed to take in those beautiful surroundings. Jan Nelson also has a passion that dominates her brushstrokes - this time sailboat racing.  She knows at first hand the push and shove of the starting line and the drama of colourful spinnakers cracking open on the downwind leg and locks this and more into her colour charged canvases.  Rosanne Barr admits that her Katie Morag summers as a child in wild-as-the-heather parts of Sutherland and Moidart are the inspiration for her dreamlike Scottish landscapes.  Caroline Rockwood's passion? - all things botanical whether studio settings of flowers or flora on the machair of the Western Isles coastline.  Her paintings are a patchwork visual journal of her discoveries on many field trips around the Hebrides and Small Isles.  We have recently shipped her work to Canada, America and Oz.

Their work can be viewed online now. and in the Gallery from Saturday.  Discover the link between private passions and visual images in our Summer Show.

Online Catalogue for Summer Show

flip through the catalogue on your tablet, mobile or laptop, zoom in, go full-screen, print off pages, download and... share.

New work from Beth Robertson Fiddes

Following her very successful solo show at the Annan in March, Beth has consigned several more paintings to complete the St Kilda series.  Beth 'flitted' to a new studio in Wester Ross on the day following her show preview; so her favourite Assynt and coastal haunts now start from her doorstep.  Not content with that scenery, she has applied for a longer residency on St Kilda this summer.  Expect more of her atmospheric and distinctive paintings of these Islands on the Edge,.

Leaving St Kilda. mixed media.66x61 cm. £1,150

Wave, Village Bay, Hirta. mixed media. 66x61cmcm. £1,150

Little Waterfall, Hirta. mixed media 60x55 cm. £1,000