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Did you know you can turn your favorite photos into personalized photo gifts like luggage tags, magnets, t-shirts and more? They’re perfect for duffel bags, lockers and supporting your favorite young athlete’s team.

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SmugMug Tips and Tricks

Keywords: Your Gateway to Success

When you’re shooting hundreds of photos per game, proper keywords can mean the difference between instant smiles and frustrated fans. Read More »

Get Tidy with Collected Photos

Why upload twice? If Billy's mom wants to see her star goalie, you can easily collect just his pics into a separate gallery. Read More »

Always Room for More

Filled another memory card? It's OK, because SmugMug has unlimited uploads and oodles of methods for getting them into your galleries. Get ready to share! Read More »

Photo Tips and Tricks

May Your Photos Stay Stunning

JPG, RAW, TIFF, sRGB. A lot can happen between shooting and sharing your photos, so let our basic image prep article explain it all to you… in plain English.

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