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Future Unfolding #3


While we work on Future Unfolding, we often share sketches with each other to experiment and discuss new ideas. Here are a few we'd like to show you. Note that this is all work-in-progress, so it will likely look different or it might not make it into the final game.

Pictures are neat, but so are words. Kill Screen wrote about our design philosophy for Future Unfolding. Here's a nice quote from the article:

Discovery isn't just a feature tacked onto a linear, predetermined story. Discovery is literally the only way you'll be able to play the game.

Prefer moving images? Watch Mattias presentation about the shadow generation in Future Unfolding for free on the GDC Vault website. Or, just check out the slides for a quick overview.

If you're in Berlin this month, don't miss the A MAZE. Videogames Festival (April 22 – 24). Now in its fourth year, A MAZE. features game and art installations, talks and workshops from game developers and critics, and an amazing music line up. You'll also be able to play the latest build of Future Unfolding at the exhibition.

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