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Future Unfolding #6


We're taking some time off during the summer, so there are no big updates on the game itself. We have some other news to share with you though.

High humidity aside, Mattias had a fantastic time showing Future Unfolding at the Indie Game Festival BitSummit in Kyoto. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a nice writeup of the event and the state of PC gaming in Japan.

It's always exciting, as well as scary to show the latest build to new players. Some reactions in Kyoto were "This game is full of surprises!" and "You can die in this game?!". The audience was drawn mainly by our visuals, but many players stayed for a long time discovering all secrets of the game. Because of the nice translators on site, language was not a barrier for discussions afterwards.

BitSummit, Kyoto

If Japan was a bit too far away from home, maybe Cologne is closer to where you live? Andreas will demo Future Unfolding at gamescom (5. – 9. August) as part of the Indie Arena Booth. Check out the full lineup of indie games that you'll be able to play there. If you're a journalist or YouTube/Twitch streamer and are interested in the game please email Andreas to schedule a meeting.


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Two promising games from BitSummit that we would like to point your attention to: The gorgeous fourth-person puzzle adventure Pavilion, and Vane, an open world adventure game developed by a few ex-members of The Last Guardian team.

Until next month,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias