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Latrines for Health in Haiti!

Wilson and Sonite, along with their 6 children, have received the life-changing gift of sanitation.  They are just one example of a family who has benefited from Hope Force International’s latrine project.

Many of us take sanitation in our homes for granted; likely, you have at least two toilets and showers in your house.  In Haiti, simply using the bathroom or bathing can be both unsanitary…and at times, unsafe. Wilson and Sonite joyfully told our staff members, "We are so grateful that we now have a place for our family to bathe and use the restroom in safety and privacy!"

Hope Force has been building homes for survivors since shortly after the impact of the deadly 2010 earthquake, where over 90% of the community lost their homes.  As we have continued to serve the needs of these families, we have also engaged more fully in building latrines.  Each latrine project consists of a two-compartment structure; one provides a safe and private place to go to the bathroom, and the other a place to shower. To date, Hope Force has built 33 latrines, and we are seeking financial partners to help us build 10 more.  The homeowner partners with us by digging a 12-foot-deep pit, providing a bag of cement and water as their personal contribution to the project.  

We currently have 10 families on our waiting list who desperately need clean and safe restroom and showering facilities.  Each latrine costs $1,750 USD, and through your donation, you can help provide safety and sanitation for a Haitian family…helping us reach our goal of raising $17,500.

Click here to learn more about our latrine project! 

Thank you for partnering with us to meet this vital need!