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Teleconference: Requests for Municipal Data

Sent on behalf of the CIF and AMO


We understand that many municipalities have been approached for data on blue box programs on a variety of fronts and would like to provide information and comments on what we know about some of these requests. 

1. Requests for curbside waste composition studies

a) CIF and Stewardship Ontario have agreed to co-fund curbside waste audits under an agreement vetted by WDO, AMO and City of Toronto. The intent is to generate data Stewardship Ontario can use to inform their model for calculating steward fees and municipalities can use to evaluate their programs. CIF and Stewardship Ontario have agreed to terms on what the data can be used for.

Please email Mike Birett at CIF to get more details on the audits and the Memorandum of Understanding regarding data usage.

b) Each municipality is fully within their rights to decide if they want to participate or not; and if so, get agreement on how their data will be used that satisfies their expectations.

2. Requests for trials and data from Municipal MRFs

a) In light of Bill 151, careful consideration should be given to the commercially confidential nature of MRF operating data.

b) If you decide to allow outside agencies access to your facilities or to provide any MRF data, you may wish to consider having an Agreement in place with all the parties on what the data is being collected for and how it will be used. The waste composition study MOU noted above does not cover these operations.


Teleconference Information to Come Soon

We are organizing a teleconference for municipal staff to discuss the data requests further. The call will likely take place next week (week of February 15) or early the week to follow. We'll send a note with date and time early next week. 


Mike Birett
Managing Director, CIF


Dave Gordon
Senior Advisor, Waste Diversion | 416-389-4160