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Haiti 2021 Earthquake: Situation Report #2

Within minutes of learning about the earthquake in Haiti, leadership of Crossroads Church (of Cincinnati) and Hope Force International were in conversation exploring how we might mount a response together.

Crossroad’s long-term partner, Restavek Freedom, is headquartered in Port Salut, Haiti, near the epicenter of the quake.   Numerous text messages and phone calls transpired — the result of which created an opportunity for the three ministries to agree to actively partner together to bring much needed help and hope to survivors.

The in-country director of Restavek Freedom extended an invitation for Hope Force to send Rene Lako, our in-country co-director, to join their assessment team.  Rene made his way to the city of Les Cayes, into the populated areas of the impact zone Sunday morning, August 15.   Evidence of the 7.2 earthquake became abundantly apparent as our team reached the outskirts of the devastated areas; buildings reduced to rubble, people at work trying to remove chunks of concrete, rebar and other destruction debris.

For several hours, the team made their way through the city. The main roads were mostly clear, but smaller streets were often blocked off so people could set up makeshift shelters, with many people sleeping outside due to traumatic memories from the 2010 earthquake.  The team stopped at several locations with crumbled buildings such as a hotel, churches, a market…and homes. Many buildings had less visible damage such as cracks in the walls, which may or may not be structural. HFI was able to deliver a truckload of purchased supplies plus water and hygiene items, to be distributed by our local partner.

The confirmed death toll continues to rise, currently approaching 1,300 with many more injured – and we are gaining a more accurate understanding of the number of dwellings and other buildings that have been destroyed.  The need to recover from such loss and to rebuild damaged property will be present for some time, and the ability to commence such efforts is likely months away.

At present, the great felt need is for food, access to clean water, hygiene items, tarps, tents and other necessities. In collaboration with Crossroads and Restavek Freedom, Hope Force is seeking financial donations to secure supplies that can either be purchased locally or in the USA, and then shipped to Haiti for distribution through our network of local partners.

Please consider making a donation today.  Your support will help to enable us to meet the desperate need of earthquake survivors in Haiti.