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Protect Me From What I Want

Thornproof Jacket

Believed to be the oldest (still operational) company in the world, Beretta was founded in 1526, and may be a name you are familiar with for all the wrong reasons...

Look beyond the firearms business though, and you will discover a clothing division that is worth knowing more about - especially if you need to find appropriate clothing for walking the Doberman you might have acquired during lockdown (guilty ‚úč). 

The 3L GORE-TEX is bonded to a outer shell of high-density Cordura with Kevlar panneling, specifically developed to protect hunters from thorns ... or dog owners from bite wounds. 

Lesser-known, more hardcore

Protect Me From What I Want

Cronin Pant

"Combining the ease of jeans with the ruggedness of technical canvas"

These Arc'teryx heavyweight cotton/nylon (7.9 oz) canvas trousers are a hard-wearing everyday essential.

Articulated knees and guesseted crotch enhance mobilty, whilst clever patterning / seam detailing transforms this style from decent to PMFWIW-worthy. 

If you're out for a walk, leave those Yohji gabardine balloon pants at home, and throw on some burly workwear! 

Signal: "I'm an outdoorsman"

Protect Me From What I Want

Protector Ultra Boot

Special thanks to @pmacdonald (owner of @rchmndshop) for this recommendation - these HAIX boots are certifiably indestructible.

GORE-TEX lined, steel toe cap, and fulfilling the professional requirements stipulated by the German Forestry Advisory Board, these boots are comfortable and dry outside, but also chewproof when left inside...

Over the top? Definitely


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