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Fairtrade’s Global Reach Grows

Fairtrade is the most globally recognized ethical label in the world – and recognition is growing.

Nearly six in ten consumers (57%) across 24 surveyed countries have seen the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark. Recognition has increased by six points to 65 percent since the study was first conducted in 2008, and exceeds 80 percent in some markets.

Confidence in the FAIRTRADE Mark is also high: More than six in ten consumers (64%) say they trust the FAIRTRADE Mark and the more familiar people are with Fairtrade, the more they trust it.

International opinion research consultancy GlobeScan carried out the survey, polling 17 000 consumers in 24 countries.

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Producer Ownership Moves to New Level

Producers are half owners of the Fairtrade system – that was the historic decision taken at last week’s Fairtrade General Assembly. And South Africa became a full member of the global Fairtrade system, the first producer country to also join the assembly of national organizations.

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Working to Eliminate Child Labour in Cocoa

Ten years ago, the world’s largest chocolate companies signed the Harkin-Engel Protocol, an agreement to eliminate unacceptable child labour practices in the growing and harvesting of West African cocoa.

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Mars makes major Fairtrade commitment

MALTESERS ®, the Mars chocolate treat popular in the UK and Ireland, will bear the FAIRTRADE Mark in 2012, bringing more than one million dollars annually in Fairtrade Premium to cocoa farming communities. It’s the first step in a far-reaching agreement between Mars and Fairtrade.

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Tackling challenges in coffee

Fairtrade recently participated in the ‘Let’s Talk Coffee’ event in El Salvador hosted by Sustainable Harvest and had good discussions with producers and traders about the challenges in coffee.

Fairtrade has also been carrying out trainings in risk management for coffee farmers around the world.

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Educating on all things Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) is a long-standing advocate for Fair Trade in North America and the only non-profit organization in the world focused on Fair Trade education. We’re delighted to be taking in part in their upcoming webinar on Fairtrade in the USA.

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Banana Growers Benefit from Dutch-Colombian Partnership

Six Colombian banana cooperatives will have better market access and greater technical support thanks to a new public-private partnership with the Netherlands.

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