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Cocaine, heroin and cannabis are three of the most commonly taken illicit drugs. But have you heard of Monkey Dust, Krokodil and Nyaope? Forensic scientist Michael Cole takes a look at why some street drugs start trending and what new formulations people are using to get high.

Social cues that men are better suited to science than women start young – really young. Susan Wilbraham and Elizabeth Caldwell have found that images of men are three times as likely as women to appear in children’s books about science. Here they explain why parents should be on the lookout for these false impressions of gender.

Research has shown time and time again the positive impact pet ownership can have on our lives. And canine companions seem to come out on top with their uncanny ability to understand our emotions. But do they have feelings too? Jan Hoole and Daniel Allen give us the science behind dog emotions. And wildlife conservation researcher and former zookeeper, Tara Pirie, looks at how London Zoo’s big “weigh in” could help conservation in the wild.

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Reaching out. Shutterstock

Monkey Dust, Krokodil, Nyaope: why new drug concoctions keep appearing

Michael Cole, Anglia Ruskin University

Many people aren't just taking one drug but a combination of drugs.

Astronaut Sunita Williams – not a ‘he’. NASA

Children’s books are adding to science’s gender problem

Dr Susan Wilbraham, University of Cumbria; Elizabeth Caldwell, University of Huddersfield

New research shows children's images of scientists are all too often male.


Do dogs have feelings?

Jan Hoole, Keele University; Daniel Allen, Keele University

Dogs have the same hormones and experience the same chemical changes that humans do.

Andy Rain / EPA

How London Zoo’s big ‘weigh in’ could help conservation in the wild

Tara Pirie, University of Reading

Data collected by zoos can help scientists model the populations of endangered species.

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