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“Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world we live in, and education is no exception. AI is constantly evolving, and schools must be prepared to adapt to these changes. This means investing in ongoing research and development to ensure that education is always up-to-date and relevant in the age of AI.”

The above three sentences were crafted by ChatGPT in response to the prompt, “what should schools consider in the age of artificial intelligence?” ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, is one of many programs that have burst onto the educational scene requiring schools to invest in understanding these programs, the possibilities and risks. It is certainly getting attention in the press, and, most recently, the Globe and Mail published a good summary, Will AI take over the world? And other questions Canadians are asking Google about the technology.

The School has not been caught off guard by the rapid rise of AI. Many teachers and staff have been exploring its potential and risks for some time now, prepared to quickly and effectively guide teachers and other staff members in conversations about its impacts on education. For example, Department Heads, Assistant Department Heads, librarians and interested teachers regularly discuss the most prominent tools being used in education and how AI can support students’ learning. Further, teachers are informed and alert to the flaws and ethical issues that have surfaced, including the perpetuation of bias and discrimination.

The explosive use of AI programs is not without concern. ChatGPT has been banned in Italy over privacy concerns. Further, an open letter signed by prominent artificial intelligence researchers and tech leaders calls for a temporary pause on the rapid development of some AI systems, arguing the technology poses “profound risks to society and humanity.” At a school level, AI’s prevalence makes banning AI an almost impossible task and one that would have an adverse impact on our students’ readiness for a technological world. Instead, the School accepts responsibility for educating students to be critical, discerning thinkers who demonstrate their learning with honesty and integrity. This is our work, and with more and more programs like those related to artificial intelligence becoming accessible to everyone, this work is more important than ever.

Both teachers and students must be able to evaluate when and why to use AI tools, assess the accuracy and appropriateness of the results for deeper learning and finally, how to cite or reference these new resources accurately. As we continue to deepen our understanding of AI’s promise and peril, in a school setting, it will be important for parents/guardians to learn alongside the School. Next year, we hope parents will join us for expert presentations and sessions led by the Senior School Coordinator of Educational Technology, Chris McKenzie, designed to introduce parents/guardians to AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Paraphrasing the ChatGPT response to the original prompt, “in conclusion, as AI continues to transform the world, schools must adapt to stay relevant and provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the future. Through preparation and adaptability, schools can effectively navigate the age of AI and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Coping Strategies: Responding to Stress & Anxiety

Explore the intricacies of stress and anxiety, and learn how to empower your child with effective coping strategies for their well-being. This article will help parents understand the types of stress, the importance of resilience, and the difference between unhelpful and helpful coping responses.

Read the latest articles posted in the parenting resource hub, available to parents and guardians through the My CHS Community Portal.

25th Annual CHS Golf Classic

Crofton House invites you to the 25th Annual Golf Classic taking place on Friday, May 26 at the University Golf Club. Registration for the event will open on April 19. Additional information to come closer to registration. If you have any questions please email

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3: Register for Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents and significant elders are invited to join Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 students at Grandparents’ Day, hosted by Crofton House School and CHS Parents’ Auxiliary. The event takes place on campus on Friday, April 28 at 1:20 pm. Parents are asked to register by April 11.

Pride Week Resources

Pride Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate 2SLGBTQ+ people and experiences, reflect on, and learn more about the various aspects of gender identity, sexuality, and overall belonging within our community. With this educational component in mind, CHS staff have shared the following resource list regarding gender identity and sexuality. As we look to Pride Week next week, we encourage you to review these resources as we continue to expand our community of inclusivity.

Join Us for the Spring Used Uniform Sale

The CHS Parents’ Auxiliary Used Uniform Sale takes place on Friday, April 14, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in Manrell Hall. Used Uniform collection is ongoing, so please consider supporting our community and donating clean, gently-used CHS uniform pieces. Donation bins are at the Junior and Senior School entrances and the Receiving Entrance off Balaclava Street. Clothing donations are also accepted during our Sale. Please note: during the sale, payment is accepted by student account number only, and please bring your own shopping bags.

Last Remaining Spots: Senior School Service Together Volunteers!

Grade 10 Service Squad members will lead volunteers in this worthy project to benefit people living in poverty. Just a few more spots are available; please register with your Senior School daughter(s) for sandwich & personal care kit making in Manrell Hall on Tuesday, April 11, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. Register online.

CHS Alumnae: Showing Courage, Making A Difference

Courage, one the three core values of CHS, has been embodied by many alumnae throughout the School’s 125-year history. During this milestone year, we are taking the opportunity to introduce some of the CHS alumnae who have shown determination in the face of challenges, pursued their passions, and achieved remarkable accomplishments.

In this blog post, you will meet three alumnae who attended CHS in the early 1900s: Marian Sherman, Gertrude Nicol, and Violet Reade. These pioneering women faced the obstacles of their time to pursue higher education, excel in their fields, and make a difference in the world.

Read more.

Share Your CHS Stories

As part of Crofton House School’s 125th anniversary celebration, we invite the Crofton House community to share their joyful and special memories of CHS. These stories will become part of our archival 125th anniversary records and may be shared as part of our celebrations. Share yours today!

Senior Kindergarten students have been learning about how graphs can be used to communicate different information. They then took turns in presenting to their classmates and reflecting on their work.

Students in Grade 4 tackled a design challenge to create their own seeds, mimicking behaviours observed in the natural world. Using all manner of materials, they then had their seeds' “stickiness” tested by Ms Lathigee with some impressive results.

Grade 5 students continued their exploration of Indigenous history and culture by participating in a blanket exercise. This powerful interactive experience helped demonstrate how land and liberties have been progressively stripped from Indigenous communities.

The Grade 7 Science Fair was a huge hit, with students demonstrating a variety of weird and wonderful experiments to eager audiences.

Senior School students participating in the Major Trips program travelled far and wide across the country during spring break. One group went north to explore Whitehorse and Dawson City in the Yukon; another travelled east to adventure in Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal and Quebec City in Quebec.

Vancouver-born author, Madeleine Thien, was the guest speaker at this year’s Living Lit event. After speaking with Grade 8 to 12 students in Manrell Hall, she hosted a workshop session on creative writing.

“Music tells the story of a community” was the theme of this year’s Languages and Culture Week in the Senior School. Various musical activities and performances throughout the week allowed students to explore cultures from around the world.

Crofton House School received an honourable mention in this year’s AUArts 2023 ShowOff! competition. Several Senior School students submitted work and have been featured on the event website. Congratulations to everyone who submitted their work to the competition!

Junior School Athletics

Our spring season is in full swing, with over 140 students in Grades 3-7 participating in Track and Field! With the first meet in a few short weeks, the girls have been busy learning new events, working together, and building their overall strength and speed. The season's first meet is on April 21 and 22 at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster, followed by the VES Meet at UBC on April 26.

Over 65 Grade 3-7 athletes participated in the first spring field hockey session on Monday, with many girls trying the sport for the first time! Athletes were divided into small groups based on experience level and got into stick handling, passing and shooting drills. It's amazing how much can be accomplished before 8 am Monday morning.

Senior School Athletics

Our Falcons are flying into spring activities with some games already under our belts. We have over 190 student-athletes participating on our competitive teams this term.

Varsity Soccer has already competed in a tournament, with Senior II Soccer competing at a tournament next week in North Vancouver. Both teams are working towards the ISA Championships in Victoria later in April.

Track and Field is underway with our Falcons competing at the first league meet next week at UBC.

Varsity Badminton is already into competition with a great start to their season. While our Junior Badminton team will host York House School next week for our first games, the Varsity team is working towards the ISA Championships in Victoria later in April.

Our Falcon Rowing team is working hard and have done a great job with their first practices on the water! This team is working towards their first regatta next month.

Falcon Tennis team is diligently practising as they prepare for their first games next week at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Go Falcons Go!

Courage, Creativity, Citizenship

Save the Date for Staff Appreciation 2023!

For the first time since May 2019, the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon is back to its traditional and much-loved format! On Thursday, May 18, the School’s amazing teachers and staff will relax and enjoy an extraordinary lunch served by grateful parents at the Old Residence.

Many dishes served are special recipes or family favourites prepared by Crofton House families. This means there are many ways to get involved–parent volunteers will assist in organizing, serving, clearing up and donating food and refreshments for our wonderful teachers and staff.

Sign-up links with all the ways the volunteer options will come soon, for now, just set aside the date and plan to get involved!

Log into the My CHS portal to access the full school calendar.

Whole School

April 7 - Good Friday (School Closed)
April 10
- Easter Monday (School Closed)
April 14
- Used Uniform Sale
April 19 - Golf Registration Opens

Junior School

April 11-14
- Grade 6 OE Camp Jubilee
April 12
- ECE Parent Evening: Intro to SK Program
April 14
- Grade 3-4 Coffee & Conversation
April 19-21
- Grade 4 OE Camp Elphinstone
April 19
- Parent Evening: Grade 5 & New Grade 6 Families
April 20
- JK-SK Coffee & Conversation
April 26
- Parent Evening: Grade 1 Families Introduction
April 28
- Grandparents’ Day

Senior School

April 11 - Service Together: Spring Packing Event
April 11-14
- Pride Week
April 12
- Rainbow Accessories Day (Pride Week)
April 13
- Coffee House Open Mic Night
April 14
- Civvies Day, Dress As Your Authentic Self (Pride Week)
April 15-19
- Edmonton Choir & Orchestra Trip
April 17-21
- Earth Week
April 20
- Parenting Session #3
April 20-23
- Toronto Band Trip


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