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Detection of Structural Variants in Targeted Sequencing


Structural Variants (SVs) have long been implicated in many human diseases such as cancer, making their detection important in clinical genomics. Strand NGS 2.5 includes a new workflow step for detecting these variants based on split reads that span the breakpoints corresponding to the variants. Detection of SVs using split reads provides breakpoints with a higher precision compared to the methods based on paired-end reads. In this webinar, we will describe this method and demonstrate its application to detection of somatic gene fusions in targeted sequencing data. We will also show how the detected SVs can be visually validated in the elastic genome browser of Strand NGS.

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Session 1 30 Sep
01:30 AM
30 Sep
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30 Sep
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30 Sep
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01 Oct
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30 Sep
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30 Sep
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About Speaker:

Dr. Shanmukh Katragadda is Vice President- Software Technology, at Strand Life Sciences. Shanmukh has a Ph.D in Neural networks for pattern recognition from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Prior to joining Strand, Shanmukh has worked with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI). His research interests are in automotive systems modelling, simulation, telematics and algorithms in biological systems. At Strand, Shanmukh is involved in Bioinformatics method development for NGS-based personalized medicine applications.

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