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Barnard College Construction Update - June 16, 2016

Dear Neighbor:

As of last week, the deconstruction of Lehman Hall is complete.  We will spend the next couple of weeks removing the debris and mobilizing the site for the rock excavation phase, which will begin around Tuesday, July 5, and continue for the remainder of the summer.

As we have mentioned in our updates and at our meetings last year, the rock excavation phase will be the noisiest phase of the project. Blasting will not occur on the site, but contractors will instead break the rock through drilling and other splitting techniques, and then remove the rock from the site. We specifically targeted this work for the summer when fewer classes are in session and fewer people are in the area.

Construction Schedule

We have our final Saturday workday scheduled for this weekend and will then return to a Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. schedule.  We do not anticipate adding additional days to the schedule, but should we have weather or other delays, we may need to make slight adjustments. Should that occur, we would send out an announcement in advance.


As many of you know, the magnolia tree was moved to its new location last fall in order to make room for the construction of the new building. A few weeks ago we mentioned in an update that we expected to see its leaves emerge once the warm weather arrived. Unfortunately, this has not happened, which, according to our arborists, is not good news.  We always knew it was risky to move a tree as big and mature as the magnolia, and we had hoped and expected it would do well in its new location. If worse comes to worst, we intend to plant a new tree in its place for many more generations to enjoy. We will continue to keep you posted as the summer progresses. 


For general questions and comments, please email me at

If you have an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please email during regular work hours, or call Barnard Public Safety at 212/854-3362 outside of regular work hours.

You can also find our overall construction plan and specific construction-related FAQs on our website:

Thank you.


Quenta Vettel, Communications Director, Special Projects
Barnard College