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Trojan Horse Interiors are a dynamic team of experienced commercial interior designers and construction managers providing services in all aspects of office interiors since 1991. We specialise in locating, designing, constructing and maintaining outstanding commercial interiors and have included you in this correspondence due to our previous contact, or thought you may find it of interest. If you do not wish to continue receiving these emails, simply select the unsubscribe button below.


Simple Solutions for Reception Areas

This co-operative is one of Australia’s largest exporters of quality lamb, with over 35 years of experience servicing the world’s markets as a trustworthy, reliable and efficient supplier of Western Australian product.

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Simple Solutions for Boardroom and Meeting Spaces

Spatially, a modern, functional interior was created by the use of full height office and meeting spaces intertwined with open workstation clusters.

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Simple Solutions for Modern Spaces

It was important that this head office tenancy, created in a brand new building in East Perth, was able to reflect where the group had come from, and where they are now headed.  With a conservative membership base, the layout and finishes selected were to have a familiar feel while still projecting the image of a leader in the field.

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Simple Solutions for Casual Areas

Natural blond horizontal grained timbers used on furniture items and feature walls throughout add colour and warmth while a floor to ceiling wall mural features a scene very familiar to the groups shareholders in the farmed meat industry.

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