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Where’s the meat?


Nearly ten years ago we took the right decision to boycott all pet foods and treats made by Nestle, Mars and Colgate Palmolive. Even now new visitors come to Scampers and find it unbelievable that so many dog and cat products are made by these companies under the guise of so called “great brands” of pet food.

We just heard news of yet another corporate takeover.  Tails Dog Food, as advertised on TV, have now been acquired by Nestle. If you would like to see which other brands these companies now own, take a look at our “Where’s the meat” article below.

Sadly it seems these huge corporations are buying up every independent pet food brand that  they can. But as regular customers of Scampers you will know that there are many fantastic ethical producers who really do have your pets best interest at the heart of their companies and not just the shareholders. Our instore tasting table is testament to that!

Last month we introduced a new range of homemade dog foods to Scampers from Different Dog…now this is what we call great honest pet food. Taste Testers for your dogs are available in store every day and they will love this. Different Dog is also perfect as a topper for all dogs especially if you are feeding kibbles to add something fresh and very healthy.

FREE water bottle filling station
While the supermarkets were still trying to make up their minds about plastic carrier bags we were already implementing a phasing out of all single use plastic where we could at Scampers. When Blue Planet aired with the story about the state of our oceans and the “plastic whale” taken round the country by Sky Ocean Rescue many more people began to realise that something has to be done by everyone, however small.

We have not offered plastic bags at all for over a year and all of you have been very happy to support this effort to reduce plastic waste.

Scampers have now gone a step further after reading about a fantastic initiative in Bristol by Refill.  We decided we would now stop selling any drinks or water in plastic bottles. The idea from Refill is to offer everyone the opportunity to refill their water bottle via an app anywhere in the UK. Our new FREE filtered water filling station is now in store. #PassOnPlastic.


New products
Michelle and I are off to Interzoo, the World’s largest pet trade show, and we promise there will be loads of great new products coming to Scampers very soon, but in the meantime check out Scampers News to find what is here already.


Looking forward to seeing you and your pets, with your water bottles in store soon!


Piers, Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the Scampers team

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Where's the meat?

The British pet food market is worth more than four billion pounds a year. It’s big business, dominated by two very large companies, Mars and Nestle, both telling us their pet food is the best for your dogs and cats.

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Indoor Hunting Feeder by Doc & Phoebe

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Every year tens of thousands of dogs, both mixed breed and pedigrees, for one reason or another end up in the animal welfare system and most importantly, through absolutely no fault of their own.

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