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October 2017

What is the road ahead for Out of Home?

What is the road ahead for Out of Home
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Congratulations Charles
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It feels like I have spent my life waiting for driverless cars, inspired of course by the Jetson’s green bubble car, with George shouting to Jane, “stop this crazy thing!” But as an industry that’s earnt its stripes by capitalising on big changes, there is more to this innovation than a 1960s sci-fi cartoon could have prepared us for.

Driverless cars, or Automated Vehicles (AVs) as they are called by those in the business, might just be the future of transportation and mobility. But what are they? When will they be on our roads? And, importantly, what impact will they have on the Out of Home (OOH) industry?

An AV is a robotic vehicle that is designed to travel between destinations without the need for a human operator. It turns out, most of us are already driving one – features such as adaptive cruise control, parking and ‘lane keep’ assist mean that we sit at level two of five on the Society of Automotive Engineers scale*.

While predictions vary, it’s reported that AVs will not make up the majority of cars on the road until 2045, after a decades-long transition, overcoming barriers to consumer adoption, and phasing out older vehicles.**

On the plus side, AVs have the potential to make our roads much safer, and to free up more time for passengers to read, talk and be entertained by your humble roadside OOH sign. However, this technology will also be a disruptive force across economies and will require both federal and state regulators to adapt legal frameworks to accommodate for them.

Abraham Lincoln said that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” As an industry with a penchant for taking advantage of disruptive forces to shape the success of our future, when it comes to AVs, we must all be posing the question: how can we help create this future?

I think there is a chance for OOH infrastructure to become part of intelligent transport systems, speaking not only to the people in the cars, but to the cars themselves. Now is the time for our industry to begin planning, researching and embracing new ways for collaboration in this space. That’s why the OMA invited a panel of experts and industry together to start this conversation. You can find more information on the event here.

As technology hurtles ahead and many things in the Jetson’s lives become our reality, I look forward with great optimism and interest at how we can embrace this change and make it work for us. I am sure George will be wishing us well with a “Hooba-dooba-dooba.”

Charmaine Moldrich

*Society of Automotive Engineers scale
**Reuters, Moodys forecasts U.S. adoption of self-driving cars several decades away


Anatomy of Out of Home – Market share growth
In this month’s Anatomy of Out of Home we review the key findings from the CEASA Janaury to June 2017 report.
To see the proof, download the slide series.

News Round Up


Adshel and Roy Morgan partnership takes geo-location targeting to new heights.


Daktronics set to supply the Central Coast Stadium with 120sqm screen.


Tonic Health Media, Commercial Director, Jack Mortlock, talks contextual relevance and missed opportunities.


Bishopp take home Best Solution to an Identified Electrical Issue Award.


QMS Media ‘switch on the first billboards in the ACT.


Neon, graffiti, signs, ads: these shouldn't be dirty words in Canberra


Out There – Local

Village Roadshow whip up a storm thanks to JCDecaux

To promote the launch of new action film Geostorm, Village Roadshow teamed up with JCDecaux to showcase the power of nature using dynamic digital and special build technology.
Find out more.

Oakley takes over Melbourne with help from APNO

Oakley have teamed up with APN Outdoor to impact audiences on a large scale with their latest Out of Home campaign promoting their newest Prizm Lens Technology.
Find out more.

Qantas reaches new heights with oOh!media  

Demand for content integration continues to rise, with the latest campaign from Qantas that combined Junkee Media, oOh!media’s digital sign network and the company’s audience insights to drive awareness to the Qantas Frequent Flyer’s wellness program.
Find out more.

Tourism Victoria explores the state alongside QMS 

Out of Home featured the endless beauties of the southern state through Tourism Victoria’s Wander Victoria campaign to encourage people who live in the Metro Melbourne to travel land explore other parts of the state of Victoria.
Find out more.

Out There – International

Irma Gives Back

To remind the communities of Florida of those still suffering from Hurrican Irma, agency 22squared sent a powerful message using pieces of billboard advertising shredded by Irma to show the damage caused and thus encourage people to unite and donate to Imra Gives Back.
Read more.

Coca-Cola handcrafted OOH

The Coca-Cola brand married print and hand knitted fabrics in its new Out of Home campaign, as a colorful announcement of the Coca-Cola gastronomy series to emphasis not only the ancient crafts employed by the company, but also the old and almost forgotten recipes collected from all parts of Serbia.
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ToysRUs builds giant Etch A Sketch

Toys‘R’Us placed a larger-than-life Etch A Sketch in the most unlikely of places: right above the busy Fulton Street subway station in New York City. This is the latest installment of the Toys‘R’Us new brand platform, ‘Today We Play,’ designed to position the brand as a leader and motivator in the movement to ‘set play free’ for children.
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Venmo plays on its status as a verb

Mobile payment service, Venmo, launched a new campaign, ‘____ Me’ (which it’s calling ‘Blank Me’) as a fill-in-the-blanks campaign inviting audience participation.
Read more.

Congratulations Charles

OOH legend Charles Parry-Okeden honoured as MFAs 2017 Hall of Fame entrant

Charles Parry-Okeden was annouced as the 2017 Media Federation of Australia Hall of Fame entrant. The first media-owner and Outdoor advertising recipient of the award, we are proud to see Charles recognised for his work. Congratulations Chuck!

MOVE sponsored the MFA awards this year, we’ve developed a little sizzle reel showcasing some of the great campaigns that have been displayed on our members’ signs and highlights how Out of Home advertising offers creative opportunities everywhere.

International Profile

United Arab Emirates

Population: 9.27 million

  • OOH advertising expenditure (2016): US$280 million
  • OOH as a % of total ad-spend (2015): 60.3%
  • Top advertising categories include: Luxury goods

Source: Zenith Media

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