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Interior projects

Studio Toogood has recently completed a Mayfair apartment and is currently working on two further residential projects: a North London Modernist house and an Ibizan retreat. Each property features commissioned pieces made by craftsmen, designers and artists as well as many new and bespoke designs by Faye Toogood. 


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Faye Toogood for Krizia at Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with Anew

The mythical Phoenix was blessed with eternal life; when its body was spent it would forge a new form for itself in the heat of fire. Faye Toogood’s new installation for Krizia at Milan Fashion Week pays tribute to this fiery bird as an emblem of rebirth and recycling, creating something new from what has gone before.

Archetypes for Gallery FUMI in collaboration with Lapicida

Faye Toogood’s new collaboration with British stonework fabricator Lapicida sees the the ancient neolithic arch reinvented with cutting-edge technology. The modern Medusa, Toogood has turned a variety of ordinary materials into stone: a series of 20 arch-shaped maquettes, each in a different medium – including foam rubber, cloth and rope – have been hewn from solid slabs of rock using state-of-the-art 3D scanning and computer-guided stonemasonry.

Impossible to realise via traditional hand-carving, these designs transmute ephemeral materials into enduring monuments, the soft, pliable and transient becomes solid and unyielding. The function of each piece in the series is not set in stone, but rather is determined by size – at different scales, the same form can become a mantelpiece, console, stool or sculpture.

Faye Toogood at the Denver Art Museum

After its successful launch in Milan, the Roly Poly chair from Faye Toogood's fourth furniture assemblage will soon form part of the permanent collection at the Denver Art Museum.


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Toogood at Paris Fashion Week Collection 002

Faye and Erica Toogood launch collection 002 during Paris Fashion Week.



We are the faceless workers! Our collars are blue, through and through! So too are the sleeves upon which we wear our hearts, and the backs across which we blazon our deepest creeds and ideals. Blue is our livery – the royal teint that flows through aristocratic veins, diverted and reclaimed by the labouring masses. Whatever our field or trade – industry, construction, repair, service, retail – it is constantly present, the ballpoint hue whose inky pigment writes of countless decades of toil and struggle.
The time has come to stand firm and forge a new identity from these durable blueprints. Nineteen unisex garments – in shapes that are new but always familiar – manufactured in Britain by honest hands. Tough cottons and hardwearing linens united in fresh purpose, with digitally printed slogans writ large for all the world to see. The dignity of the workers’ blues, with none of the depression.
In the conformity of labour, we find a new expression of ourselves. We are the faceless workers! And we are all individuals!

Toogood at Hostem

Artist in Residence

41-43 Redchurch Street

London, E2 7DJ

Toogood continues its residence at the Hostem shop in Shoreditch. This installation, which evokes a sculptor's atelier, is now filled with new design pieces and the second phase of Toogood's Collection 001. Guests are able to purchase the sculptor's most recent one-off sculptures, objects and furniture by Faye Toogood in addition to the coats themselves.

The centerpiece is a table fashioned from beautiful 150 year old pine beams spattered with paint representing the artist's creative process, which is also available for purchase.


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