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So many things compete for our attention today...especially around this time of year. Buy this. Do that. Go there. Listen Up.

How can we separate the message-worthy chat from the empty chatter? We can start by looking at the source.

At BCI, we focus on the pro player because he is often the strongest influencer of other pro players and because this exclusive peer group maintains - for better or worse - a collective position of influence over the rest of the world. 

Through BCI Loop, our fraternity of players and BCI Courtside Live, players encourage and inspire each other in their life and walk of faith. One player emailed recently, following his participation in Courtside Live, saying, "You've blessed me with three new players of faith".

These athletes are modeling their hearts. Kids will often tune out authority figures, but a pro player can penetrate their hearts to deliver a message of inspiration and hope.

During this season, we thank all of those players who acknowledge the tremendous influence they have and step up to inspire their peers and kids to live life - not "the good life," but "the best life" in the real world. A life of being, not just of doing.


As I have mentioned before, we believe that a moment can change the trajectory of a child's life, and pro players can help create those moments.

Through the generous offer of a donor, all donations made to BCI through the month of December, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $15,000. Gifts to BCI in any denomination are so appreciated and will go toward our outreach initiatives for kids.

Be a part of helping to create more life-changing moments by donating here...or send a check to: BCI, 2524 Cascade Lane, Iowa City IA  52246.


Just a reminder to share on our Gratitude Wall.  For every message posted on our Gratitude Wall, BCI will donate $1 to  Young Life Iowa City, celebrating 50 years, a part of Sharm's legacy.

Together, as players, fans and kids we will acknowledge and celebrate our blessings as we share the spirit and pay it forward.

Post your thoughts now through December 31.

On behalf of everyone at BCI, may the spirit of Christmas - to inspire, to give and to share - be with you throughout 2017.

Always keep looking up.


Kathy Scheuerman
Basketball Club International

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