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Help Still Needed in New Jersey: Hurricane Ida Response

September 27, 2021   

When preparing our updates, we sometimes struggle to find words that adequately describe the impact of disaster in another’s life.  Is it catastrophic?  Is it overwhelming?  We often use these words to describe an event like the massive flooding in New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.  We are mindful that with much use, these descriptors can just become buzz words. To the individuals impacted by this storm, they are sad realities. These words capture the chaos, confusion, and helplessness they feel amidst a world around them that continues on as if nothing has happened.

We’ve learned that many homeowners are finding their insurance claims rejected because their policy does not include flood insurance.   The consequence of this knowledge can be crippling, but the survivor must persevere with the work that has to be done. Wrestling water damaged belongings to the curb, they struggle with the decision of tearing out floors and walls -- knowing that they will need to be replaced, but not knowing how. That reality is daunting.

Hope Force and partner Three Bridges Reformed Church, and others, have entered into the fray with survivors to offer help and hope in very tangible practical ways. By showing up, the ministry of presence (just being there with them) reminds them they are not forgotten.  Neighbors, both immediate and ones from the other side of the country, are here to help. We’ve been mucking out water-soaked drywall, insulation, flooring, lower kitchen cabinets, etc. -- all necessary to begin the drying out, healing process that leads to restoration. 

How can you help? If you live in the Northeast (or can get to the Northeast) and have a day or two this week to join our efforts here in New Jersey, please consider coming. Our team on the ground is operating two locations at a time.  If you can’t join in, please pray and/or give to the efforts.

If you can volunteer, please contact:

A heartelt "thank you!" to all who have already joined in.  We couldn't do it without you!!