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Did you know that a WeOS device can be used for waking up equipment in the network, wake on LAN?

The Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature can be used to send a wakeup command (magic packet) to a connected device. This is useful when a device is a battery-powered sensor that needs to sleep to conserve power or a computer that is only occasionally required.

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Westermo configuration tool makes cyber security easy for large industrial networks

Latest version of WeConfig provides enhanced cyber security functionality; enables quick and reliable network configuration, commissioning and maintenance

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Made easy cable testing

The Wolverine series of Ethernet extenders are designed to reuse existing cable infrastucture for Ethernet networks. Building these networks right will lead to a powerful and cost-effective network solution. Westermo have the best product selection on the market for these type of networks.

To acheive best performance, new features for simple cable testing and diagnostics have been added to WeConfig.

In depth information and recommendations on building a network solution using the Wolverine series and WeConfig is available in a new White Paper.

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