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Shannon Ceballos, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

I'm back from a wonderful summer and maternity leave! Miles James Ceballos was born on May 31 and has brought so much joy to our family. Our oldest son, Maxxton is 6 years old and is the BEST big brother! Rob and I couldn't have imagined how perfect this addition to our family has been.

I loved being able to spend the summer home with both of the boys, but I've missed so many of my patients and co-workers and I can't wait to start seeing everyone in the office once more and getting everyone's skincare needs taken care of again!


Elos Sublative

By Kim Bolinger, Licensed Aesthetician, Registered Medical Assistant

The Fall and Winter months are a perfect time to reverse the damage we may have incurred during the hot summer months. Whether you spent too much time at the pool, beach, lake, or just working outside in the garden, we can fix it!

Elos Sublative is a great laser to improve skin tone, texture, scarring, and mild to moderate wrinkles. It is good for all skin types with very little down time.

This fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology delivers energy precisely into the skin in tiny matrix dots. The energy waves can go directly into the dermal layer with minimal disruption of the epidermis.  This reduces the redness and irritation associated with the treatment. The energy stimulates collagen production and allows skin rejuvenation to be achieved. We typically recommend at least three treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for maximum results. Call today to set up your complimentary consultation to find out more about Elos Sublative and what it can do for you!


Fall means football, sweaters, and skincare!

By Shannon Ceballos, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

You see, in the summer, we shy away from doing laser treatments due to the high amount of sun exposure and the potential for less than desirable results. Fall brings a whole new season to skin care with the ability to use all of our lasers, high potency skin care, and chemical peels to reverse sun damage and aging.

My favorite treatment for sun damaged skin is INTENSE PULSED LIGHT also known as IPL. IPL uses a broad spectrum of light to target brown and red pigmentation in the skin as a result of too much sun. It also has a happy little side effect that creates collagen, smoothing the texture of the skin, and giving back that glow you’ve been missing. There is a certain bounce the skin has after a series of treatments. And who doesn't want glowing, bouncy skin?

How many treatments will you need? Well, a good rule of thumb is to start with three, spaced about a month apart each. Now, here’s the thing. We can’t stop you from aging and getting back into that warm sun, so maintaining your IPL is also vital to keeping your skin young and fresh (as well as using great sunscreen). Most people will need another treatment, or even another series every year to keep up the awesome results.

A NEW treatment we have adopted in the office is called Resolve. Resolve is a minimal downtime treatment to improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. All of the action happens deep in the dermal layer so there is minimal disruption to the surface of the skin so nobody has to know you've done anything! Three treatments are recommended about 4 weeks apart to achieve results.


Shannon has a Hull Lotta Love for SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

It's no secret that SkinCeuticals is my favorite skincare brand in the office. They are known for their antioxidants and anti-aging formulas.

CE Ferulic is a topical antioxidant formula that has paved the path for other antioxidants. It contains a powerful blend of L-Absorbic acid (vitamin c), alpha tocopherol (vitamin e), and ferulic acid (antioxidant found in apples). These ingredients deliver protections against free radial damage from the sun and other environmental factors such as pollution.  The solution helps minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and provides an overall brightening effect, while helping plump and firm the skin.

This serum is also wonderful post treatments to reduce redness, swelling, and downtime associated with lasers and other devices. Also, when combining in office treatments with a great at home regimen, you are not only protecting the investment made in the office, but enhancing your results!


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