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Media Release 7/2/2012

For sale: Australia’s fastest car - one owner, low mileage, capable of extremely high speeds


The car that set the existing Australian land speed record is up for sale for $300,000. Owner, driver and Australian motor legend, Rosco McGlashan, has the jet-powered Aussie Invader III on the market to raise funds for his latest land speed vehicle, Aussie Invader 5R.

McGlashan set the current Australian record of 500 mph (805 km/h) at Lake Gairdner in 1994. He later ran the car at 643 mph (1035 km/h) breaking the world record at the time, however bad weather prevented the second pass required to make the run official.

Aussie Invader III comes fully equipped with transport trailer and working order 36,000 hp Mirage fighter-jet engine packing 18,000 pounds of thrust. The one-piece Kevlar body sits on hand-forged solid aluminum wheels designed to rotate at 8000rpm.

Not that it is necessary, because you can see Aussie Invader III in full flight here, but McGlashan can provide a certificate of authenticity for the new owner. He is happy to chat to anyone interested, with the exception of tyre kickers.

Aussie Invader III is currently stored in Perth and McGlashan hopes the car will stay on Australian soil.

"Aussie Invader III is a big part of land speed history here, so ideally we'll keep it in Australia. We would like to see it go to a museum or be used to fill a large commercial space, like a foyer."

McGlashan hopes the sale will boost funding efforts for his latest speed endeavour, Aussie Invader 5R.

“We need to raise some much needed funding for our latest land speed car Aussie Invader 5R. We hope to be test running in 2013 but still need specialist materials and expertise to get there."

With a 200,000 hp rocket and 62,000 pounds of thrust Aussie Invader 5R will be the most powerful car ever built. Capable of 1000 mph (1609 km/h) it will reach top speed in 20 seconds, traveling faster than a bullet fired from a handgun.

McGlashan hopes to launch Aussie Invader 5R at the Australian International Motor Show in October and testing for a world record attempt in 2013.

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