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Newsletter Issue 10
May 1, 2013

BuildingLink introduces its brand new and highly customizable “Flex” mode with smart widgets

What began many years ago at BuildingLink as a simple mailroom package notification display has recently morphed into a full-featured customizable digital-signage canvas called our “Flex” mode.  Already in use by more than 100 of our 1,600+ clients, BuildingLink’s “Flex” mode helps you effortlessly achieve a more informed building community by placing exactly the information you need, exactly where you need it. (Guess what? It’s fun to use, too!)

Drag and drop the widgets you need from our Flex Designer Ribbon

Our “Flex” option gives you a highly customizable browser-based tool, providing you with more than two dozen widgets to support the information and signage needs of your building - right at your fingertips. It is easy and fun to use – simply drag and drop the widgets you want from our Flex Designer Ribbon onto your Flex canvas. All you need to do is configure the settings for each widget (i.e. # of days data to display) and voilà – you now have a customized display you can show on any browser-based monitor, whether it’s a 40” TV screen or an iPad. (There is usually no need for a hardware change if you are currently using the older version of our Public Display screen.)


PRODUCT UPDATE: BuildingLink’s Resident App now provides access to your building documents and to your parking garage

Our recently released Version 2.1 update to our tremendously popular and free BuildingLink Resident App has already been downloaded by over 41,000 residents. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, our updated app is now equipped with a Car Valet module and also gives residents access to all the building forms and documents posted to the website, right from the palm of their hand.

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BuildingLink Big Data Stat: More than 7 million customized emails sent out each month

Drafting an email can sometimes be a time-consuming chore. What to say, how to say it, what not to say, where to send it, and when. Luckily, we handle so much of that communication for you.  How much? Let’s put it into perspective for you: for every package that arrives, for every maintenance request replied to, for each amenity reservation confirmed, BuildingLink sends out a customized email. Whether it's to the residents or to the staff, these emails total at over 7 million customized notification emails sent per month, up 30% since last year.

For the chance to win a $50 Amazon giftcard, correctly predict in which month BuildingLink will cross the 10 million email mark. To participate, simply send your month/year guess to with the subject line "10 million."


Where to find us this spring

Be sure to save the trade show dates below:

May 1 - New Jersey Cooperator Show, Seacaucus, NJ
May 9 - Landlord Webcon 2013, Brampton, ON, Canada
May 15 - Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show, GA
May 22 - Apartment Association of Metro Denver (AAMD) 2013, Denver, CO

We’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends!

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