Hivemind is progressing

Hi there,

We're well on our way now to starting our first field trials. We still hope to begin these in January, but we've had to shift our dates out by a number of weeks, due to unforseen delays.

However, we've made good progress. Our website is up and running at, and we've also included a few pictures below to give you a visual foothold on our product.

The Hivemind "communications hub"

The Hivemind scales platform

Some pretty context ... though perhaps not the crop you intended to harvest.

Where's it at?

We have almost finalised the electronics that will work the magic inside Hivemind, sporting built-in solar power, satellite telemetry and GPS. We plan to complete a fully functioning trial by late January, and should get it deployed in the field during Feburary to get some field results into our web portal.

We've ordered our first bulk lot of industrial digital scales that will weigh the hives. These have been a source of many delays, so we're please to report some good progress here.

Almost every thread of this project is in progress: for example, the software, website access, and shipping arrangments, but these are proceeding well and we believe they will converge early next year in time for our release.  We hope to begin taking pre-orders very soon.

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Till next time!

Have a fantastic Christmas, and don't let your bees keep you from relaxing -- we want this to be the last Christmas you'll have to wonder what they're up to behind your back.

Best wishes,
The team at Hivemind