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Stayin' Strong - Issues 63 - 65
Jacob behind the news desk at NIRS space

Jacob's Stayin' Strong


Stress. You know it.  

It's that feeling when your running late for an important meeting.  It's that feeling of losing someone, again, from your family and community.  It's that feeling when you don't have enough money to pay bills and have a feed.

Too much stress and not being able to cope can affect your health and wellbeing. 

How do you deal with it?

There are many ways to manage stress.  Self-care is one way.  

Murri journalist, Jacob McQuire (pictured), has developed self-care habits that help him look after his emotional, social and physical spirit.  

"What's good for me is to listen to music," he told Stayin' Strong.

"I think about music that's in language."

McQuire says he listens to a particular song recorded in his mob's tongue.

"Brother Trent White made one song that's in Darumbal language.

I like to listen to that sometimes," he says.

McQuire often looks at pictures of his ancestors too.  

"It's a deadly thing to do for me.  It's getting into the right headspace."

He also tries to get out of the house and says the best thing is seeing his family or hanging out with other blackfellas. 

How do you stay strong? 

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The Stayin' Strong project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

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