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April 2018

April Fool's has came and gone, so no joking going on here, just some great American Classic cars. We got in some awesome new stuff all across the board! Take a look and give us a call if you see anything you might want chat about...until then enjoy.

New Arrivals

1952 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe

1952 Studebaker Champion

1958 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Stepside

1960 Chevrolet Apache 20

1963 Ford Thunderbird 2 Door HT

1964 Ford Galaxy XL 2 Door HT

1964 Ford Galaxy 500 2 Door HT

1965 Pontiac Tempest 2 Door Sedan

1970 Ford F250 Long Bed Fleetside

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass "S" 2 Door HT

1971 Ford Thunderbird 4 Door HT

1971 Lincoln Mark III 2 Door HT

1974 Ford F250

1974 Ford Maverick

1975 Ford Granada 4 Door Sedan

1977 Cadillac Deville 4 Door Sedan

1978 Ford F150 Ranger XLT Long Bed Fleetside


Last Month's Answer: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

Loose Parts

1963 Cadillac Front Bumper

1968 GM CONV "Tac Strip"

1970 Ford P/U Bed

1977 Dodge P/U Tail Gate