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ASPHN's New Brief Examines Linkages Between Public Health, Community and Clinical Dietetics

Over the past several years, scholarly work has shown that inter-collaboration between clinical, community and public health nutrition services is effective at reaching wide numbers of people and improving health outcomes. The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists' (ASPHN) new brief — "The Intersection of Public Health, Community and Clinical Dietitics" — explores the relationship between these three nutrition disciplines and offers innovative strategies combining the strengths of each. 

Specifically, the 10-page brief outlines how multi-level approaches to nutrition can be implemented to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, decrease food insecurity and increase rates of breastfeeding. The brief also delivers action steps on how to create linkages within other aspects of nutrition. 

"Public health nutrition is a multifaceted approach to improving the health of populations," states ASPHN member Angie Tagtow, MS, RD, LD. "The three examples within the brief offer public health nutritionists inspiration and practical applications on how our field can effectively join forces for increasing access to healthy food sources in order to achieve even greater results."

"The Intersection of Public Health, Community and Clinical Dietitics" can be obtained from ASPHN’s website. For more information or questions about the brief, please contact Sandy Perkins, MS, RD, LD at sandy@asphn.org or 814 255-2829 ext. 702.

Founded in 1952, ASPHN is a non-profit membership organization that provides state and national leadership on food and nutrition policy, programs and services aimed at improving the health of our population. ASPHN’s membership is composed of more than 400 public health nutritionists located throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. ASPHN's vision is healthy eating and active living for everyone. You can find ASPHN on the web at www.asphn.org and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/asphn.