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In the know

• After embracing Facebook Messenger as a standalone app, our friends from Silicon Valley now bring us Facebook Groups. You can now interact and keep up to date exclusively with a list of groups you belong to when launching the app, without the clutter of your regular NewsFeed.

• Twitter engineers have announced they will be rolling out an index of all the tweets to have ever been tweeted. Users will have the ability to find any and all of the billions of tweets from the last 7 years.

• Google will be the latest player to join the likes of Spotify and Pandora in the streaming music industry. YouTube Music Key will be launched as an invite-only paid subscription to start, with broader availability in 2015, alongside a remodelled mobile-friendly system for free music.

• Are you a happy tapper on Facebook? People and pages who post often will now have their updates bundled into a top 2 or 3 stories, leaving the rest as a "see more" exercise.

7 things you don’t know about you

Do you know everything about you?

Bet you don’t! We’re proud to say we can teach you seven things you didn’t know about yourself in one minute and ten seconds thanks to our latest video we created for Nurofen Australia.

The video sparks curiosity and encourages us to rethink why we believe we get headaches, it also showcases some nifty facts you should know as well. With over 240,000 views majority of Australians now know the common headache doesn’t start in the head. The source may be the muscles in your head and neck.

Watch it for yourself here!

Klick on a winning streak

This month, Klick has hit the ball out of the park with some big wins.

Klick have taken home an Australian Society of Travel Writers Award, while PR News (US) has named Magarita Peker a rising star in their international 30 Under 30. Well deserved for our KlickSTARS.

And the one that has got us beaming brighter than ever is the news that Saffire Freycinet has been named the world's best boutique hotel. We always knew we were working with the best partners in the world. 


Introducing a new play for our friends over at Durex: Someone Like Me. This youth platform gives young people a voice to make it easier for young Aussies to talk about sex and relationships.

We know Aussie youth are best positioned to share their own unique stories and give their perspective on these issues, so we’ve armed the best film makers from across the country with a GoPro to work their magic. Soon you'll see some of the top videos as we publish them across social to get teens talkin'.

The biggest YouTube vlogger in the country, Troye Sivan, has also come on board in support of the campaign. Check out what he has to say about all things sex right here. 

And if you still want more visit.

Canturi celebrates 10th anniversary

Stefano Canturi celebrated the 10th Anniversary of his Melbourne Salon late last month, hosting a dinner for his loyal Melbourne clientele… And Klick were on hand to ensure the night ran with military precision!

The evenings extraordinary menu was created by Shannon Bennett, of Vue de Monde and complimented by Pommery champagne and Penfolds wines.
Table-wear was furnished by Noritake Australia featuring their exquisite BoB and Wow ranges, the perfect showcase for each of Shannon’s dishes.

Never one to disappoint, Stefano unveiled two of his latest masterpieces, the Iris suite and Eternal collection.

What do you get when you cross camping and your grandparents?

Enter the trend of Gramping, sponsored by our partners Aerogard and Mortein to encourage people to spend more time away from distractions of every day lives with grandparents. How lovely is that?

Klick set out with 10 journalists and their families to Cockatoo Island to embark on a night of glamping under the stars on Sydney’s favourite tent location. There was a whole lot of eating, cricket and other games, exploring the island and time spent catching up with each others’ individual families. You can learn more about Gramping here.

QIC's groundbreaking news

Klick braved the Toowoomba heat to officially launch the start of major works on Grand Central shopping centre.

An investment of nearly half a billion dollars, the redevelopment will reinvigorate the town’s CBD and provide locals with world-class shopping, dining and social facilities. It’s a win for Darling Downs' economy too, with 1,500 jobs to be generated throughout the construction period and a further 1,000 retail jobs upon completion.

Steven Leigh, Managing Director of QIC Global Real Estate, was joined by the Hon. Tim Nicholls MP, Queensland Treasurer, to commemorate the milestone while two Klickstars spoke to media and guests about the exciting new project, making a splash on the front page of The Toowoomba Chronicle the next day.