April 28, 2023

PH 2nd Grade eNews

We have had a great week learning more about dinosaurs and fossils!


  • Bible - Our story will be on Paul and Barnabus. We will be talking about how to encourage each other.
  • Memory Verse - I Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, as you are already doing.”
  • Reading - Our story will be “Yeh-Shen,” which is a fairy tale like Cinderella.
  • Spelling - Our spelling pattern for this week will be words with the silent letters g and k as in gn and kn words and silent letters w and b as in wr and mb words. Here are several examples:  gnaw    gnat    sign   know    knight   knee   comb  wrist 
  • Grammar - We will be working on possessive nouns - singular and plural. Here are a couple of examples: 1. My dog’s teeth are sharp. 2. My principal’s name is Mrs. Foley. 3. The four chipmunks’ cheeks were filled with acorns.
  • Math - Borrowing from 1,000’s place, solid/plane geometric shapes, multiplication twins, estimates, and expanded numerals


  • Monday:  Sumdog or flashcards for 15-20 minutes
  • Tuesday: Read Yeh-Shen to an adult
  • Thursday: Study verse and spelling pattern

Important Dates

  • May 1-5 - Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 12 (this is a change from May 18th) - Last day to earn words for Millionaires & Thousand Club
  • May 22 -  Field Day and lunch, parents are encouraged to attend! Do not order lunch on this day. If your child is going to extended care they will need a change of dress code clothes.
  • May 23  - Awards’ Assembly 8:30 a.m. in Cross Church sanctuary -Last day of School - Dismissal immediately after the assembly - No Extended Care

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