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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 3. 2018

In this Issue

The Return of Dr. Nicci
Sonia’s Graduation
New babies
Rain, rain and more rain!
Christmas Cards
Alternative Christmas Gifts
Spend and Raise
Please pray for us

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The Return of Dr. Nicci

We are thankful to God to CMS and other partners who seconded Nicci to Potter’s Village this time for a longer period. Her expertise in child health care is a great asset to Potter’s Village and the community in Kisoro. Our health workers are glad to have her expertise from which they hope to learn much more.


Sonia’s Graduation

On Friday the 5th October Sonia Tushime graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She wishes to extend her thanks to all those that prayed for her and supported her through her degree.  Sonia works in the Potter's Village office and is part of the Senior Management Team. 






Potter's Village recently helped in the unusual case of an older child who was abandoned by his Father in Kisoro town centre. Collins was thankfully picked and taken to Police. The Police then referred him to Potters Village where he stayed for almost a week in the Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit.

We thank God that we were successful in tracing his Mother and the child was re-united with her on 25th Sep. The Father was arrested and remanded at Kisoro Prison awaiting a court hearing.

His Mother thanked Potter’s Village for rescuing and looking after her little boy. The picture is with Collins, reunited with his Mother and Sister.

New babies

The recent arrivals at Potter's Village.

Justus's mother suffering from an unknown mental illness, possibly postnatal depression which she started to suffer from after he was born.  She has been given some treatment, but sadly still managed to hit Justus in the forehead, which caused a serious injury to the forehead and eye. He was rushed to hospital for treatment and after a few days referred to PV as his Mother struggled to breastfeed him.

Grace arrived at PV at about 2 weeks old. She was abandoned by unknown people, near a police post.  Grace was brought to Potter’s Village by the police and one of the ladies that picked her from the gate where she was found lying and crying at around 9:00pm in the dark. We have involved the local council officers to help in tracing the child’s family.

Amon was born in April this year.  He was admitted to PV at about six months old on the death of his mother (cause unclear, but possible malaria).  His father is very poor and is unable to care for such a young baby.  We are assuming he will stay at Potter's Village for about 6 months and give the family time to sort themselves and find a person that will take over and care for him.

Angel was born in August. She is a beautiful little girl and was brought to PV at about 7 week’s old because her Mother died.  Reasons for death were not clearly stated in the medical notes. Angel will be resettled to some relatives in Kisoro. A visit will soon be made to their home and discuss the resettlement plan.

Rain, rain and more rain!

The last few weeks Kisoro has experienced a lot of stormy weather. People have been struggling to get around and crops have been damaged.  The Potter's Village site was flooded a number of times making working conditions quite difficult.  We are grateful to our ground staff who did all they could to help people get around during this time.


Christmas Cards

Friends of Potter's Village has four different designs of Christmas Cards available this year.  £2 per pack of 5 (same design) or six packs for £10.

Please contact pottersuk@gmail.com to place an order to contact us via the website.

Card design 1

card design 2




Card design 3









Card design 4







Alternative Christmas Gifts

This year we are selling our Alternative Christmas presents.  Gifts start from as little as £5

Give somebody a meaningful present this year, and at the same time help Potter’s Village to continue to thrive, grow and save lives.

To get a copy of the catalogue, either click on the following link  to be redirected to our web site. Alternatively please email or call Ruth (07449907268) for a paper copy.



Spend and Raise

Please also remember, this Christmas, you can help support Potter's Village, whilst you do your online shopping.

By clicking on this link Easy Fundraising you can be transported to The Potter's Village retail page. This is an eStore which is an online shopping directory featuring hundreds of retailers including some big and small high street names.

Each time you shop with these retailers via our eStore, a commission is generated and given to Potter's Village. So you can help give without it costing you a penny.

So please try and remember the children in Kisoro when you sit down to order your presents, book a short break or order the turkey! By using this website we can raise valuable funds to support the work and help save the lives of children in Kisoro.

Please pray for us

As Potter's Village increases in size inevitably costs will also increase.  Please pray that we continue to find funding and support in order that we can continue to expand and save the lives of those who need us the most.

Give Thanks to God for:

  • The good reputation of the Medical Centre for its cleanliness and care
  • The continued good work of the Nutrition Unit in teaching mothers to feed their children well with what they have
  • The dedication of all our staff
  • For all the volunteers who support Potter's Village through prayer and practical assistance 
  • The numbers of lives saved through the existence of Potter's Village
  • The continued support of PV crisis centre. Our babies are growing well and the community support programme has helped a lot of households in Kisoro

Please Pray for:

  • Long term foster families for children who cannot be resettled with their biological families
  • Medical staff willing to volunteer with the project
  • The coffee crop, that it will flourish and be a good source of income for PV
  • We pray for the stocks of F75 & F100 (emergency nutritional food used in our Unit), normally provided free by the WHO & Government have run out.  Making this formula ourselves is costly; please pray that more supplies will arrive soon.
  • Please pray that the Medical Centre grows in its services to the community. 
  • Please continue to pray for baby Alex, that he may find a loving and caring family.
  • Nicci Maxwell as she settled into live in Kisoro and her work both in theDiocese and at Potter's Village