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The Sustainable Development Goals and your business

It's often not until February that business really kicks off for the year in Australia - so now is the time to review, refine and reinvigorate your strategic focus.

And it's a good time to do so. The United Nations' mission of the Sustainable Development Goals provides an important focus for all of us: individuals, organisations and our communities. For the next 15 years our countries are committed to working on 17 priority areas.

Yes, it's true that the Millenium Goals were unsuccessful - but as we know, in business, we often don't succeed on the first try. We need to get back up and try again, particularly when it is something as important as this. Read more from our CEO, Kate, here.

What is "Frugal Innovation"?

The Australian construction sector could reap significant benefit in terms of both costs and sustainability from the adoption of frugal innovation.

Kate Harris, CEO of GECA, notes that India is a leading pioneer of frugal innovation as a result of pressing material conditions in many parts of the country.

“Frugal innovation is originally an Indian term that refers to the reclaiming, reusing and repurposing of building materials, rather than innovating with a sense of limitless resources to which we’re entitled,” said Harris. “It’s actually looking at what we already have and being adaptable." Read more at Sourceable.

Upcoming Events

It's a great time of the year for sustainability - a number of exciting events are taking place in March, so take out your calendar and save these dates! GECA's own event, Collaborate, Innovate, Celebrate, is taking place on 3 March; Sydney Build takes place on the 10th and 11th; while Green Cities will be held over 22-24 March. Meanwhile, the 1st of March is Business Clean Up Day, ahead of Clean Up Australia Day later that week. More details are below.

Collaborate, Innovate, Celebrate

Come and explore the future of sustainable production and consumption at GECA's own invitation-only Sydney event, now being held on Thursday, 3 March.

Find out how GECA is working to collaborate and drive the uptake of sustainable products and services, hear the latest key insights from Anna Scott's research into sustainable production and consumption in Australia, learn more about the impacts of the new Sustainable Procurement standard ISO 20400, and take a tour of Barangaroo.

Attendees at the event will have the chance to earn 3 CPD points (GBCA). Watch this space for more details and please contact the GECA office if you would like to attend.

Get involved: Business Clean Up Australia Day

It's Business Clean Up Australia Day on Tuesday, 1st of March.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Consider donating, registering your own clean-up site, or join GECA's clean-up site on the day. It's a fantastic way to get your whole team involved in Clean Up Australia Day and make a difference in your local community!

For more information, head to the Clean Up Australia Day website.

Green Cities 2016

Co-hosted annually by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Property Council of Australia (Property Council), Green Cities is Australia’s premier sustainability conference for the built environment. GECA is pleased to be a Supporting Sponsor for 2016.

The event, held over 22 – 24 March 2016, will mark a decade of Green Cities, at the Hilton Sydney, with three days of practical site tours, hands-on masterclasses, networking events and inspiring speakers. For more details about Green Cities, head over to the website.

Hear from GECA at Sydney Build 2016

Sydney Build is the leading new Construction Expo for Sydney. Held over 10-11 March 2016, it's the ideal opportunity for your organisation to get involved in Sydney’s booming construction industry, and to access major contractors, developers and suppliers from Sydney and across Australia.

Hear from GECA's Kate Harris as she leads a workshop centred around alternative futures for design and infrastruture, as part of a series of workshops around sustainable building solutions. All workshops at the expo are free for visitors, and attendees will receive one CPD point.

Find out more about Sydney Build and register here - it's free to attend.

New product: Gyprock Ultra-Base 60

CSR Gyprock have recently added their Ultra-Base 60 base coat to their growing list of GECA certified products! The lightweight base coat is used as the first and second coat in a three-coat plasterboard jointing system, and meets all the criteria of the Adhesives, Fillers and Sealants standard.

As well as holding GECA certification, the Ultra-Base 60 compound has superior mould resistant properties, earning the official endorsement from the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice program. Read more.

Reducing risk in your supply chain

As consumers increasingly demand products that are free from slave labour and worker exploitation, businesses are seeking the best ways to keep their supply chains regulated and risk-free. It’s a sentiment that applies just as much to architectural and interior design products as it does to our clothing.

However, while many businesses have the aspiration and commitment to address human rights impacts in their supply chains, they lack clear strategies and processes to trace, monitor and address such risks. Certification can help with this - read more at Sourceable.

Green buildings: a better choice

GECA has been featured in Govlink, a digital publication for Australian government professionals. Check out our feature on the importance of green buildings and how they have an impact on productivity.