Let's manage time
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“Time is what we want most, but what we spend worst.”

– William Penn
Illustration by Amy Lynn Taylor

How do you manage when you have a lot of stuff on your plate?

It’s a difficult juggling act trying to balance work, time spent with loved ones, leisure activities and open source projects. More and more we find ourselves pulling hair out of our heads while trying to find more hours in the day to tackle it all—ideally in a perfectionist manner.

Time management has many faces. Oftentimes it has a more to do with prioritization and staying true to our goals rather than trying to squeeze another meeting slot in already busy calendar.

We too sometimes struggle with distributing time between numerous ventures of ours—Seaworthy, ^Lift Security, requireSafe, Talky, &yetConf and &yet itself to just name a few. How do we maintain focus, get things done while still maintaining a “people first” approach? Is there an effective way of managing both time and productivity?

Seven things you need to stop doing to be more productive, backed by science

by Cammi Pham

There are no magical lifehacking tips that will make your productivity immediately sky rocket. Cammi goes through a few strategies and approaches for not only time management, but also more healthy work-life balance—all supported by scientific research.

This should only take a minute or four, probably. Time point management for literates

by Frank Chimero

A thoughtful take on now abundant, not only in work scenarios, time estimates. Set in literary context, Frank explains how approximate calculations don’t factor in humanness and emotional reactions.

10 timeframes

by Paul Ford

In his essay, Paul Ford takes an unconventional, empathetic stand on software and design decisions and their relationship to time. Paul emphasizes the responsibility that lies in governance of spending as well as managing not only ours, but most importantly, someone else’s time.

What we’re making

  • Video from Amy’s CascadiaJS talk—“Remote and better for it” is now available on YouTube. Check it out for tips and insight into how we foster togetherness in a distributed company.
  • Karolina will be speaking about designing communities at HybridConf next Thursday. Say hi if you’re in Dublin!
  • Henrik wrote a blog post on why Redux is going to be the future of application state management.


Our team has been hard at work these past few months creating an unforgettable experience. &yetConf is a conference about the intersections of technology with humanity, meaning, and ethics.


We want to have a technical conference focused on the place where it all starts—the vision, the reasons behind what we build.


What are the concerns and hopes of a society based on the technology of today and tomorrow? As we build the future, what lessons can we learn from the past? What things might we choose to do better—or differently—this time?


We believe these are really important conversations, and we feel like creating an artistic experience to surround the event will make them all the more meaningful and impactful. Does this theme resonate with you? Then we want you there!



Over to you


What are some of your time management life hacks?

Let us know and we might share it in a future dispatch (just reply to this email).

<3, your friendly neighborhood &yetis