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Club Night - Wednesday 10th July 2013

15 members and guests were present.

The guests were non members who were attending the Slide School.

Apologies were received from Frank B & John Shearer

Matters arising from the Minutes.

The Team Trial which took place on the 29/30th June was not a great success for Team TRF.

Terry pulled a calf muscle in the afternoon (but had already scored quite heavily) one of the stand-ins made it clear on all the laps but dropping the highest score we still made about 187 points. Andrew's team (he deserted us for a team from Rocklands)
they scored 167.

To put it into context the winning team scored 2 and the third placed scored 46. I think we have a lot to learn.

Paul is still negotiating for a fireman/first aider to come and give us a talk.

Final arrangements were discussed with reference to the Slide School at Grantham on Friday 12th July.


Following an e-mail from Jes we were able to welcome 2 new
members to our ranks Paul Thompson and Peter Richardson.

Rights of Way Officer

A discussion took place about the track at Themelthorpe
near Aylsham but Reggie felt sure it was still open.

The trail at North Lopham is being changed to a Restricted Byway
and to assist in objecting Reggie is looking for people to supply
evidence of use.

Ride Outs

Reggie is doing a ride out Thursday am in South Norfolk
one or two said they would accompany him.

Any other Business

Mark was having trouble logging on web site, Rupert was to sort it out. A facebook page has now been set up to make it easier to post photo's and video's.

Rupert is looking in to changing the website to Google+

The pace of trail rides was again discussed, but although several people seem to think that we should be taking a slower pace not many gave any feed back at the meeting.


The raffle raised £21 and the prizes were won by Terry, Rupert and Joel.

Slide School Visit

The other event we organised was the trip to the slide school and this was a brilliant day highly recommended. I did not take many photo's but the one shown gives an idea of the venue, the rider featured is my granddaughters partner.


Chairman's Comments

The Team trial was good fun even if the result was a disaster.

The subject of the pace we ride at on trail rides keeps coming up, but people do not give there opinions at the club meetings so it is hard to decide how much of a problem it is.

I get spoken to by some members and to a certain extent I agree that we need to be careful, as some people on the trails, such as mothers and children may not appreciate us blasting past.

It is not just a case of organising a fast group, medium group and a slower group as the perception of other trail users would not be addressed by this solution, although it may meet the requirements of some members. The official pace recommended by the TRF is 25mph.

Any way tell me what you think.

Terry Reeve Chairman

This newsletter is based loosely on the last meetings minutes which have not yet been approved and may contain inaccuracies.