The Pennington School is a co-educational school for about 500 boarding and day students in central New Jersey. Starting in 2009, they embarked on an ambitious campus planning and construction program focused on improving the quality of academic spaces. Seven years later we are approaching the final phase of build-out and are very excited to see the campus improvements increase applications and alumni involvement, and help them perpetuate their values of virtue, humility, and honor into their next 178 years!

The campus plan was implemented in phases to eliminate disruption to teaching schedules while allowing the school to build appropriately and modernize their academic facilities. To make way for needed classroom expansion, The Pennington School worked closely with our preservation team and the borough's historic preservation committee, relocating and restoring the historic Lowellden (now Wesley Alumni House) while demolishing a less significant structure.

A short video was taken by Wolfe House & Building Movers of the Wesley Alumni House relocation:

The Pennington School believes that the classroom is sacred and understands that optimal learning takes place through multiple experiences. Our integrated design approach allows both architecture and interiors of the new Kenneth Kai Tai Yen Humanities Building to reflect that belief. A large two-story atrium serves as a community-wide forum. Classrooms encourage flexibility and promote experiential learning. Every common space is designed down to the furniture and color selections to support a variety of study styles and enhance the potential for collegiality and collaborative thinking.

Work is underway converting Stainton Hall to be a new STEM building and home for the Middle School. The next phase of work includes renovating a portion of Old Main to house the core administration of the school in its historic heart.