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Coach Mom Newsletter - Sep 2010

We asked, and the teachers have spoken ...

Teachers Tell All

Labor Day has come and gone, most of our children are settled into school by now, and we’re looking ahead to Fall. I am thankful for all the teachers investing in the lives of my children. I want to be the best help that I can be to them and to thank them for what they are doing.

So, I did an informal survey on Facebook® to ask teachers what they’d really like parents to know. The teachers' answers are below, listed with #1 being the most often mentioned answer to each question. I hope that this will help us as parents make this school year the best that it can be for our children and their teachers.

I love the idea of providing teachers dinner for their family on extra-long days such as open house nights and meet-the-teacher nights.

Another invaluable gift we can give to our teachers is to pray for them. Though this wasn’t mentioned in the survey answers, it is a powerful blessing. The years I had three preschoolers at home I was more trouble than I was worth if I tried to help in the classroom, but one thing I could do was pray.

And if you homeschool, remember to be kind to and surprise yourself with treats every once in a while, too!

Blessings for a great year!


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Teachers Tell…

How can we best prepare our children for school?

  1. Read with your children (of all ages), and model a love for reading yourself.
  2. Don't do your child's homework. This allows teachers to identify areas that need attention. If you do help them, let the teacher know how much assistance was needed. Students need to feel ownership for their work.
  3. Get your children to school on time. The first 30 minutes sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  4. Teach your children independence through home responsibilities such as doing chores, making their bed, and making their lunch.
  5. Don't protect your child from consequences; sometimes they need to learn the painful way.
  6. Show respect for teachers at home. And teach respect and manners early.

Teachers Tell…

Teachers’ favorite gifts to receive…

  1. Gift cards (Restaurants and movies were most mentioned).
  2. Gift cards (Make sure your teacher drinks coffee before you run to Starbucks).
  3. Gift cards (Even $5 ones are great!).
  4. Personalized stationary.
  5. Pedicure.

THINK CREATIVELY! For a teacher expecting a baby, have a “bring a pack of diapers” day. For a teacher in the midst of a home remodel, give them a gift card to a home improvement store.  For a teacher whose child just left for college, put together a care package for them to mail their child.

Teachers Tell…

Little things parents can do to express appreciation:

  1. Surprise them with their favorite drink or snack every once in a while. Click here to link to my blog for a sample “get to know you” teacher survey.
  2. Bring lunch to them.
  3. Give them encouraging notes from the children.
  4. Give them encouraging notes from the parents.
  5. Be kind.

Teachers Tell…

How parents can best help them:

  1. Make copies and laminate.
  2. Hang work in the halls, decorate classroom for different seasons.
  3. Help with projects involving materials and paints.
  4. Be sensitive to leave when your help is no longer needed.
  5. Provide teachers dinner for their family on extra-long days such as open house nights and meet-the-teacher nights. Make this a joint effort with other classroom moms, or split up nights and each take a night.


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Have I got a deal for you…

‎"If you don't believe everything your kids tell you
about me, then I won't believe everything your kids
tell me about YOU!"

Becky Brockelman, Teacher

Can We Do Lunch?

Interested in going to the SPA day Luncheon on Sept. 23, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Addison's Hotel InterContinental to hear Brenna speak?

If you are a mom of school-aged children, email Brenna,* and you will be seated at one of the front tables as her guest. Share this opportunity with a friend who has school-aged children, and plan to come together. Sky Ranch SkyMoms Ministry will be giving away a FREE Coach Mom book to everyone who comes to the luncheon!

*The first 30 moms to email will be seated at the front tables. In the email please include name, email address, and phone number.

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