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Setting the Appointment
the Power Selling Pros Way

How many times have you shown up for an appointment and the homeowner expected you to give them a bid in 20 minutes? Have you ever been walking the house and another contractor knocked on the door? Or when the customer opens the door they just tell you that the unit is around the back and close the door on you?

Well, it’s all your fault.

As a professional sales person you should want to be involved in all of the sales process. The beginning of that is arguably all marketing that goes into creating leads, but that’s another story. Certainly you should be very interested in how the appointment is set and what the customer’s expectations are for your call.

I asked the Power Selling Pros team (, experts at setting appointments, what should be said and done on every incoming customer call to properly set the expectations with the customer. Their slogan, “Book More Calls. Wow More Customers. Make More Money.” sums it up. Instead of me writing out the details, watch this video segment I created using their suggestions. This video segment is part of my new Platinum Edition Selling with TRUST In-Home Sales Call 2-DVD Set.

I encourage you to get involved in how your appointments are set. Work with your CSR’s to make sure they understand how important it is cover all of the points you will hear on every call. Everyone in your company depends on it.

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Good selling!

- Tom

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