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August 2013

Homo Digitalis

Appetiser from SCENARIO 04:2013 by Morten Grønborg

Digital Man resembles mankind as it has always looked – full of opinions and contradictions, possibilities and limitations. The digital age is simply the framework we are situated in, and this gives us new opportunities.

In this issue of SCENARIO you will meet Natasha Friis Saxberg, who incarnates the digital human being – homo digitalis – which she has just written a book about, and who even has roots back to the Middle East, which in recent years has evolved dramatically as a result of the opportunities the digital media provide for free communication.

Read the appetiser from SCENARIO 04:2013

The Great Mismatch - lack of jobs, lack of talent

The Great Mismatch Members' report 3/2013 will be released August 2013

The coming Members' Report from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies focus on The Great Mismatch on the job market: the paradox in the lack of jobs and the lack of talent.

High youth employment and an increasing mismatch in supply and demand of skills are a great challenge that especially European countries face today.

In the report, we aim to clarify what the already heavily media covered mismatch issue is really about and the reasons behind it. We also provide a number of cases and recommendations for how companies, workers, society, and educational institutions can work individually or together to help solve the issue. Finally, we look at how the mismatch may develop in the future and the consequences it will bring.

Read the foreword from the report here

European construction 2013-15 onwards

EUROCONSTRUCT is an association of specialised research organisations from 19 countries with expertise in the analysis and forecasting of construction market trends in Europe

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies hosted the 75th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference in June, where high-level speakers presented their views on and forecasts of future construction and the general economy.

These analyses and forecasts are essential knowledge for all who need to know the details of European construction in the coming years.

Read more about how to purchase the EUROCONSTRUCT forecasts and publications

No blah blah

Presentations about trends, zeitgeist and tendencies

When you book a presentation from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies you don't just get a standard text. The presentation is always tailored to the specific company or organisation and to the specific purpose.

Still we have made a catalogue with topics where you can find inspiration for a presentation at your next seminar, meeting or conference.

Read more about the Institute's presentations - and explore the catalouge

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