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Call for expressions of Interest in commercial FM sound broadcasting licences

Applications have been received for the following FM broadcasting spectrum licences:

  • Hill End 91.4 MHz, licence ID 197885, reserve price: $8,088.05 incl gst.
  • Mount Mary 99.0 MHz, licence ID 197886, reserve price: $1,678.54 incl gst.
  • Mount Rochfort 106.1 MHz, licence ID 197963, reserve price: $5,941.93 incl gst.

Radio Spectrum Management is seeking expressions of interest in these commercial FM licences, closing 5pm on 28 May 2018.

Following this, a decision will be made regarding if these licences can be allocated by direct sale or by a competitive allocation process.

Read more about the expressions of interest process.

Renewal of Management Rights in 1800 MHz & 2100 MHz bands

Management rights in the 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands expire on 31 March 2021. These bands are currently used by New Zealand’s mobile network operators to provide 3G and 4G services.

We have prepared a consultation document addressing the renewal of these bands. We seek feedback from interested parties on potential future access to these bands. Notably, where spectrum rights are not renewed in their entirety, they may be reserved to allow other uses to emerge.

Interested parties are invited to comment on the questions raised in the consultation document.

View further information or download the consultation document:

Renewal of Management Rights in 1800 MHz & 2100 MHz bands

Submissions are due by Thursday 24 May 2018.