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Caution buying cell phone boosters, amplifiers or repeaters online

People buying these products on websites claiming to be in New Zealand continue to be conned. Devices bought online can cause interference across the wider cellular network and you may be penalised. If you are considering some sort of booster for your coverage then talk to your service provider. The three service providers all have an approved device available to buy.

Find out more about buying authorised mobile phone boosters.

Applications received for managed spectrum park licences

An application has been received for radio spectrum licences in the 2.5 GHz Managed Spectrum Park band. Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Parties interested in utilising this spectrum are able to apply for access. This triggers a notification process, allowing other interested parties to come forward. Applicants with overlapping proposals are then encouraged to develop a sharing agreement. If no agreement is reached, applicants are eliminated successively by ballot.

The Crown Spectrum Asset Manager has received an application from:

  • Uber Group Ltd, for licences with coverage in parts of the Kaipara District and Whangarei District TLA areas

Read more about this application for managed spectrum park licences in Notice 56.