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Happy Holidays - December 2017

Hey everyone! We are closing out the year and saying goodbye to 2017, but not with out a good newsletter. Most of this letter will be comprised of a local buy we did thanks to a tip from a few customers. As the years go by it's less and less likely to find a group of cars just sitting around here in Phoenix, just like in any city. Nowadays, it's a car here and there and few pieces. But when you watch this video, (which really does not do the buy justice), it was just amazing to see how much stuff the seller had. When I say every inch of the space was being used..I mean it! You could not walk in the backyard, so we had to climb acorss the cars to even look at what was back there. And the loose parts...my lord was there a lot. Welll I won't bore you with any more details, so...enjoy! Happy Holidays from all of us at DVAP!

Ford Utopia Buy

New Arrivals

1955 Buick Century 2 Door HT

1961 Ford Galaxie 2 Door HT

1963 Ford Galaxie 2 Door Sedan

1964 Ford 300 2 Door Sedan

1965 Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon

1965 Mercury Comet 2 Door Sedan

1965 Plymouth Belvedere 2 Door HT

1966 Mercury Comet 2 Door Sedan

1966 Plymouth Fury III 4 Door Sedan

1973 Oldsmobile Omega 2 Door Sedan

1978 Ford F150 Long Bed 4WD

Trunk Treasures

1963 Dodge Dart GT Hood

1964 Ford Galaxie Driver Front Fender

1966 Chevrolet Impala Trunk Lid Emblem

1966 Ford Fairlane XL Rocker Trim

1967 Chevrolet Nova Driver Headlight Bezel

1968 Buick Skylark Vinyl Top Trim

1968 Dodge Charger Passenger Front Fender

1969 Buick Electra RH Hood Hinge

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Short Boss V Gran Torino Hood Scoop

1973 Ford Truck Instrument Panel Cluster

1967 Ford Ranchero Tail Lamp Assembly


Last Month's Answer: 1941 Cadillac

Employee Spotlight

Our spotlight this month is on our amazing team member Brenda Hays. She has only been with us for the past 9 months and all of us  here at DVAP wish she could of joined 9 years ago!  While she does not own a classic car . . .yet, she is a perfect fit to the team, an improvement to be honest, if you ask me.

Brenda always has a smile and a postive attitude and she has been a fantastic addition, getting the day up and running better then a fine tuned 426 Hemi or LS motor. She handles a WIDE variety of titles here, from payroll to "PR" rep, accounting and the list goes on.

Brenda and her husband have 3 amazing children that keep them both busy with school, sports and hobbies. But she still finds time to take on her own interests, including restoring vintage trailers with 2 current projects in the works. Her husband Kenny has always been around classic cars and through the years has had his hands on and off a few great cars, currently completing a '79 Bronco... with the help of Brenda of course.

When you come out for a vist, be sure to say hello but be forwarned, she may talk your ear off. We are just proud as ever to have Brenda join the DVAP family...Thanks Brenda!

P.S. Brenda is also our new T's shirt designer. Her first design is one for the ladies. So if anyone would like to buy one for the classic car ladies in your life, give brenda a call. The link for the design is below.

Brenda's First Shirt Desgin

Brenda's T