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“What the heck, a ketchup issue? Why not!”

– Loosely based on an old &yet motto

In this dispatch we wanted to catch you up on all the things that have been happening in yeti land, and around the &you community!

Illustration by Lynn Fisher

What’s up with WhatsApp and WebRTC?

by Philipp “Fippo” Hancke

In this series for webrtcH4cKS, Fippo deconstructs WhatsApp to search for WebRTC and shares his insights in an in-depth, reverse engineering and trace analysis report.


Introducing Vorlon.js: An open source project from &yet and Microsoft

by Lynn Fisher

Last week Microsoft announced its new open source tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript and we’re happy to be a part of it!


A frontend JavaScript framework to pair with Node.js

by Henrik Joreteg

Henrik touts the advantages of modularity and discusses the many frontend JS frameworks, revealing also the Node.js frontend framework of choice


Help us make video chat better with Talky


We believe our video chat service Talky can be an independent communication platform built entirely on open-source technologies but we need your help to make Talky better. 

In two-ish weeks we’re kicking off a Kickstarter to raise money to make Talky your best indie alternative to services like Google Hangouts and Skype.

We don’t just want Talky to be an open alternative to existing solutions, we want it to be one of the absolute best solutions. With your help, it will be.


What we’re working on

RealtimeConf returns

That’s right, RealtimeConf is returning to the realtime community in 2015. With only 150 tickets available, you will have first dibs at early bird tickets when they go on sale. 

We’re going to stay true to the original vision of RealtimeConf, but with an extra dose of &yet experience magic™ because this year we’re inviting everyone over to our house – in Richland, Washington



Over to you

April Fools’ Stories

“I returned to my college dorm room one day to find a brand new fish tank sitting on top of my desk, filled to the brim with water and with fish. Unlike a normal fish tank, this one had a solid glass top, which made the fish inaccessible, and a saran-wrap bottom, which turned out to be the only thing keeping the water and fish from gushing out of the bottom of the tank onto my desk and dorm room floor.

It turned out that a friend of mine had placed the fish tank upside-down atop a cup of fish, and drilled a small hole in the glass top, through which he painstakingly filled the tank with water and knocked over the cup of fish with a pencil. He said he had originally intended to seal the tank to my desk with a caulk gun, but ran out of time =P The fish, surprisingly, lived happily ever after.”

— Benny Lichtner

Side Projects

  • “My side project is—it’s a free resource that helps people apply scrum principles to their weddings.”Hannah Kane
  • “Thanks for this reminder.  I took the nudge and started playing more with our 3d printer.  Sadly, my daughter stole the fancy earbud box that I printed :)”Mike Hedman


What is the number one feature you’d like to see us add to Talky?

Let us know and we might just share it in a future dispatch (just reply to this email).

<&, your friendly neighborhood &yetis

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